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6 Best Running Shoes for High Arches in 2022

Last Updated: June 27, 2022

There has always been a debate since forever between people's degrees of flat-footedness and their transverse arches. The ball of high-arches always seems to roll down towards the winning side.

Well, it is good for runners not to have pavement-slapping flat feet but those high arches are putting unnecessary pressure on the metatarsal region of the foot which opens the door for a range of problems, from occasional back pain to permanent structural changes.

Best Running Shoes for High Arches

What are high arches?

Commonly referred to as high arches, pes cavus is a term used to describe a human foot arch type in which the sole of the foot is distinctly hollow when bearing weight. It is the opposite of flat feet but can be equally painful.

Since it places undue stress on the metatarsal region of the foot, it is perfect for runners to look at a flexible shoe that is supportive and cushioned for good shock absorption. However, finding the best high arches shoes for running especially with a combination of situations is pretty much challenging.

Well, we have tested a bunch of high arches best-rated shoes (so you won’t have to) to help you find good match shoes for your situation. So, without further ado, let's check them out.

Best Running Shoes for High Arches Women

Asics GEL-Cumulus 23

  • ✔️ Super breathable
  • ✔️ Feels comfy
  • ✔️ Supportive gel cushioning
  • ❌ Not super-fast

Whom is it best for?
These are the best Asics running shoes, a safe and good choice for high-arched runners looking for a light and comfortable shoe with outstanding shock absorption, for workouts + daily and long-distance runs.

The high-arch condition places pressure on the metatarsal region of the foot, so women with high arches require a shoe that is supportive and well-cushioned to absorb shocks. The Asics GEL-Cumulus shoes are packed with just the right amount of support and cushioning (that most doctors prescribe) that women with high arches need.

These shoes for high arches womens is well-structured Asics gel cushioning underfoot that really helps to provide support and absorbing shocks through strides. Our testers liked the energy bounce and the breathability of the shoes through summer miles and demanding training blocks. We covered long distances and could barely find hotspots or any kind of irritation. One noticeable feature of these best asics for high arches was the roomy toe box that also helps to disperse weight from the heel counter that feels very comfortable if you have an arches issue. There is also a range of color and width sizes which is a plus if you belong to the wide foot family.

Note: These aren’t meant for blazing-fast rides, so, if you are buckling up for race day, it is a no-no!

Best Brooks Running Shoes for High Arches

Brooks Men’s Ghost 14

  • ✔️ Stable ride
  • ✔️ Smooth transitions
  • ✔️ Breathable construction
  • ❌ Lacks responsiveness

Whom is it best for?
It is best for beginners and seasoned marathon runners looking for a well-balanced and dependable daily trainer for their training miles + everyday easy-paced runs.

You can take advantage of the Ghost’s responsiveness during tempo training or faster-paced runs with just the right amount of bounce that leaves hips and knees feeling great. The Segmented Crash Pad on the outsole does an awesome job of absorbing shock at the heel and forefoot, making it one of the best shoes for high arches men. The rides are smooth and super stable that most of our testers appreciate them as best shoes for hip and knee pain. Furthermore, the inner 3D fit print (on both sides) is also a very noticeable and comfortable feature most wearers appreciate. The material feels so soft and light that it pretty much disappears on your feet. We only wished the rides were more responsive too.

Best Trail Running Shoes for High Arches

Saucony Peregrine 12

  • ✔️ Solid traction
  • ✔️ Full length soft cushioning
  • ✔️ Breathable
  • ❌ Bit heavy

Whom is it best for?
Perfect for any runner seeking a nice pair of shoes for long-distance marathoners, ultra runners, and long-distance hikers.

Known for its fit and high-quality products, Saucony has made its place in every runner's heart just in a wink. We chose their Saucony Peregrine 12 perfect for runners with high arches as they raved so much. First, it is known for its zero-drop platform which keeps the heel and forefoot at the same height from the ground which aligns the body for less impact and helps strengthen the Achilles and lower calf muscles over time and preventing from overuse injuries like Achilles Tendinitis, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis. If you are a fan of exceptional cushioning during your trial runs, you will appreciate a nice balance of full-length cushioning that is flexible yet responsive. Traction on the other hand is also a very impressive feature of this plantar fasciitis shoe that excels no matter if the surface is wet or dry. These shin splint support running shoes also ideal for the people who are facing shin injury. These high arch trail running shoes are not super-duper lightweight and that’s the only thing users hate about it.

Best Shoes for High Arches and Standing All Day

Brooks Glycerin 19

  • ✔️ Super breathable
  • ✔️ Solid traction
  • ✔️ Max cushioning
  • ❌ A bit heavy

Whom is it best for?
Anyone looking for a max cushioned shoe with best brooks shoes for arch support and price isn’t an issue, then this one is what you must check out.

Brooks Glycerin 19 is a daily trainer made for neutral runners with high arches. Neutral runners with high arches need a shoe that is packed with cushioning to prevent arches from collapsing and to lessen the pressure on high-impact zones. Well, this is all that Brooks Glycerin is so famous for! All of our testers raved about the responsiveness and the soft feel of the cushions that really can’t be ignored. Only we wished the cushion was a bit more lightweight, but this seems fine to most testers.

These motion control shoes have HPR Plus rubber (a high abrasive rubber material) on the heel collar of the outsole that helps absorb shocks, which benefits runners heel strikers but stays relatively neutral throughout the whole strike. Moreover, we were impressed with the new updates in the upper not only allow breathability and flexibility but give the shoe a nice locked-in feel with enhanced stability. Highly recommended.

Best High Arches Running Shoes for Supination

Asics Gel-Venture 8

  • ✔️ Lightweight construction
  • ✔️ Super stable
  • ✔️ Max gel cushion
  • ❌ Unbreathable upper

Whom is it best for?
This best running shoes for arch pain is dedicated to people who supinate. It is a trail shoe that is stylish and versatile enough to be worn from the gym to work, the trail to the road.

Supinators need a running shoe that is lightweight pressure distributing surface on the feet with a gel-based single density midsole foam for better stability. One such pair of shoes is Asics Gel-Venture 8 that is made for people with under pronation. It is one of Asics best running shoes for supination packed with the latest technology used by the company. The key features include Asics stable gel-cushioned system, FlyliteFoam midsole, and super solid traction that our testers appreciate the most. This road running shoe is mainly a stability trail shoes, but the comfort, lightweight, breezy feel, and stability make it so versatile for supinators for gym, training, and stuff. We only wished the upper should be more breathable.

Best Running Shoes with Arch Support

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

  • ✔️ Lightweight
  • ✔️ Super breathable
  • ✔️ Durable outsoles
  • ❌ Expensive daily trainer
  • ❌ Gets clunky

Whom is it best for?
These best supportive running shoes are mainly for daily trainers but versatile enough to be worn from gym to road—perfect for heavy runners for fast-paced runs or for anyone looking for a very responsive running shoe.

Once you’d put your high arched foot in, you will experience that Cinderella moment happening as the shoe would sound made tailor-fit to your foot. That is because you won't even need to do the lacework and this Nike road running shoe will hug your foot with the right amount of arch support and snug Flyknit mesh upper. Almost all of our high-arched runners felt this and we bet you would too. They are super lightweight, well-cushioned with a Nike flat feet support. If you are fast runners, you will thank us for suggesting these running shoes with arch support because they are built for speedwork. Only it gets a little clunky on slower paces that we wished it shouldn't be happening for a super heavy price.


High arches can cause a range of problems, and these problems depending on how high your arch is. Most of those problems are related to the ways that high arches impact how you run, walk and stand. It’s quite easy to tell if you have high arches. Simply dip your foot in a bowl of water, step on a piece of cardboard, and examine the print that remains. If you see a complete print, you have a flat arch. However, if you see little of your footprint, you have this problem. Well, you should follow your podiatrist recommended shoes for high arches or can find out good shoes for high arches to help prevent any problem. This article covers the best running shoes in the market, so you can make an informed decision. Moreover, almost all of the retailers accept free returns so you can order a bunch and check what really works for your feet.

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