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Today I want to talk about something really important: finding an ideal shoe for running for high arches. As a runner with high arches myself, I know how crucial it is to have proper footwear that offers the right support and comfort.

So, let's dive into the world of high arches and running shoes and I will share some insights that'll help you make the right choice.

Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Best Running Shoes for High Arches - Our Top 5 Picks

Running Shoes - Comparison

Hoka Clifton 8 Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 Brooks Ghost 15 New Balance Fresh Foam 880v12 Brooks Glycerin 20
Price (MSRP) $112 $160 $140 $105 $160
Material Vegan Mesh Upper Synthetic Upper Mesh Upper Mesh Upper Reflective Mesh Upper
Toe Box Wide Medium Medium Wide Medium
Arch Support Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
Heel to toe drop 5mm 8mm 12mm 10mm 10mm
Weight (Men's) - 299g 286g 298g 286g
Weight (Women's) 210g 227g - 237g 252g

Importance Of Proper Footwear For High Arches

I can't stress enough how important it is to wear the right shoes when you're a high-arched runner. You see our feet are the foundation of our entire body and when we run, they absorb a ton of impact. If you have high arches and wear shoes that don't provide the necessary support, you're putting yourself at risk for injuries and discomfort. Trust me, I've been there and it's not fun!

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Running Shoes

When you find the perfect pair of running shoes for your high arches, you'll notice a world of difference. Not only will your feet feel more comfortable during your runs, but you'll also experience better overall performance. The right shoes can help reduce fatigue, prevent injuries, and even improve your running form. It's like discovering a whole new level of running bliss!

Understanding High Arches

- Definition Of High Arches

Let's quickly define what high arches are, just to make sure we're on the same page. High arches, also known as pes cavus, are a foot condition where the arch of your foot is more pronounced than usual. This means that the middle part of your foot doesn't touch the ground as much as it should, which can lead to uneven weight distribution and added pressure on certain areas of your feet. As a result, having high arches can make finding the right running shoes a bit more challenging, but don't worry - I've got your back.

- Causes Of High Arches

Various factors can cause high arches. Sometimes it is simply a matter of genetics - if your parents have high arches, there is a good chance you will inherit them too. Other times, high arches can develop due to neurological or orthopedic conditions, e.g. muscular dystrophy or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Regardless of the cause, it is essential to be aware of your arch type and choose footwear that caters to your specific needs.

How High Arches Impact Running

Now, let's talk about why high arches can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to running. As I mentioned earlier having high arches means that your feet donot distribute weight as evenly as they should. This can lead to extra pressure on your heels and the balls of your feet, which may result in discomfort and a higher risk of injuries like plantar fasciitis or stress fractures.

Moreover, high-arched runners often have a natural tendency to underpronate, or supinate, while running. This means that when your foot strikes the ground, it rolls outward instead of inward, placing more stress on the outer edge of your foot. Over time, this can lead to various issues, including ankle sprains, shin splints, and even knee pain. That's why it's so important for us high-arched runners to find shoes that provide adequate support, cushioning, and stability to help counterbalance these issues.

#1: Best Women Shoes with High Arches - Hoka Clifton 8

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Vegan Mesh upper Wide Neutral 5mm Women 210g

The moment I slipped my feet into the Hoka Clifton 8, I knew I had found a gem for high-arched women. Ladies, let me tell you, these running shoes are the bee's knees! Designed with a vegan mesh upper and a neutral arch support, they're perfect for women with high arches who need that extra cushioning.

The Clifton 8 is not just comfy (like, seriously comfy), it's also lightweight, weighing in at a mere 210g for women. The 5mm heel-to-toe drop and smooth rockered ride are dreamy, making you feel like you're floating on clouds. Plus, the wide toe box ensures your toes have room to breathe and splay naturally.

These kicks are durable and feature a grippy outsole that keeps you stable on your runs. The lockdown is superb, fitting true to size, so no need for those endless returns and exchanges. But, there's no such thing as perfection, right? The Clifton 8 tends to run warm and isn't the speediest shoe out there.

Now, if you are looking for alternatives then consider the Brooks Ghost 15 or the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25. Both are great choices for high arched runners with different preferences.

In summary, the Hoka Clifton 8 is a game changer for women with high arches who crave comfort and support. Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, this shoe stands out among its competitors and will surely leave you wanting to snag a pair for yourself.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Cloud-like Comfort
  • ➕ High-Arch Friendly
  • ➕ Durable & Grippy
  • ➕ True-to-Size Fit
  • ➕ Vegan Materials
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Runs Warm
  • ➖ Lacks Speed
  • ➖ Limited Colorways

Can Use For
Walking, All-day wear | Jogging | Treadmill

Whom is it best for?
Ideal for high-arched runners craving cushioned comfort, lightweight support, and a dependable, true-to-size fit.

#2: Best High Arched Shoes with Wide Feet - Asics Gel-Nimbus 25

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Synthetic Upper Medium Neutral 8mm Men 299g | Women 227g

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 is your dream shoe offering a marshmallow-like running experience. Designed specifically for your unique needs and it provides neutral arch support with an 8mm heel-to-toe drop and a medium-toe box for a comfortable fit.

Weighing in at 227g for women and 299g for men, the Nimbus 25 is lightweight and stable making it a top choice for high-arched runners. Sustainable materials add an eco-friendly touch and its versatile style easily transitions to casual wear.

Nimbus 25 has some drawbacks like It is not the most responsive shoe and can feel quite warm during runs. Additionally, the price tag may be steep for some.

If you're considering alternatives, the New Balance Fresh Foam 880v12 and Hoka One One Clifton 8 are great options for high-arched, wide-footed runners.

In summary, the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 excels in comfort and stability for runners with high arches and wide feet. Despite its shortcomings, this stability shoe stands out among its competitors making it a worthy investment for a delightful running experience.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Marshmallow-like Comfort
  • ➕ High-Arch Support
  • ➕ Lightweight Stability
  • ➕ Sustainable Materials
  • ➕ Casual Versatility
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Limited Responsiveness
  • ➖ Overheats Easily
  • ➖ Pricey Investment

Can Use For
All-day wear, Walking | Jogging

Whom is it best for?
A perfect match for high-arched, wide-footed runners seeking unparalleled comfort, stability and eco-friendly materials.

#3: Best Men Shoes with High Arches - Brooks Ghost 15

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 12mm Men 286g

High-arched gentlemen, meet the Brooks Ghost 15, your ideal running shoe for comfort, support and stability during those long runs. The Ghost 15 boasts neutral arch support and a 12mm heel-to-toe drop, specifically tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth ride. The breathable mesh upper and supportive heel counter keeps your feet secure and comfortable.

Weighing 286g, the Ghost 15 is built for durability and offers great value. Its protective underfoot cushioning, wet-weather grip and availability in different widths make it versatile, even suitable for walking.

However, the Ghost 15 isn't flawless—it can feel heavy and the ride might be dull at times. For alternatives, consider the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 or the New Balance Fresh Foam 880v12, both designed for high-arched runners.

In conclusion, the Brooks Ghost 15 stands out as a fantastic option for men with high arches seeking comfort, support and durability. Embrace its minor imperfections and let this shoe accompany you on your running journey.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ High-Arch Support
  • ➕ Comfortable Stability
  • ➕ Durable Construction
  • ➕ Breathable Mesh
  • ➕ Multiple Widths Available
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Slightly Heavy
  • ➖ Dull Ride
  • ➖ Limited Responsiveness

Can Use For
Walking | Jogging | Treadmill

Whom is it best for?
Ideal for high-arched men seeking comfort, support, and durability in a versatile running shoe.

#4: Most Cushioning High Arches Running Shoes - New Balance Fresh Foam 880v12

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Reflective Wide Neutral 10mm Men 298g | Women 237g

Meet the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12, a top choice for high-arched runners seeking ultimate cushioning and comfort. Excelling in the "Most Cushioning Running Shoes" category, it boasts neutral arch support, a wide toe box, and a 10mm heel-to-toe drop, perfect for long distances.

Weighing 298g for men and the 880v12 features a reflective mesh upper ideal for low-light runs. The durable rubber outsole and cushioning provide protection and excellent pavement grip, making it a great option for beginners too.

Despite its strengths, the 880v12 has some limitations—it may slip on snow or slick surfaces and might lack breathability on hotter days.

For alternatives, the Brooks Ghost 15 and ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 also cater to high-arched runners and offer similar benefits.

In conclusion, the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 is an outstanding choice for high-arched runners craving a cushioned, stable ride with responsive toe-offs. While it has some drawbacks, this shoe is designed for both beginners and experienced runners looking to tackle long miles comfortably.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Supreme cushioning
  • ➕ Snappy toe-offs
  • ➕ Beginner-friendly
  • ➕ Reflective upper
  • ➕ Wide toe box
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Slips on slick surfaces
  • ➖ Limited breathability
  • ➖ Heavier weight

Can Use For
All-day wear | Jogging

Whom is it best for?
Ideal for high-arched runners seeking a plush, stable ride with great pavement grip for long miles and low-light runs.

#5: Best Brooks Running Shoes for High Arches - Brooks Glycerin 20

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 10mm Men 286g | Women 252g

Introducing the Brooks Glycerin 20 a game-changer and top pick for high-arched runners. With its neutral arch support and 10mm heel-to-toe drop, the Glycerin 20 offers plush cushioning, an excellent step-in feel and a responsive ride. The breathable mesh upper keeps feet cool, while its durable, tank-like build ensures longevity.

Weighing 286g (men) and 252g (women), the Glycerin 20 feels lighter than it appears and provides fantastic value for money. It boasts a comfortable fit and impressive grip on wet roads and gravel. However, it's not without its flaws. The shoe's laces may come untied and the ride can feel blocky. Despite these minor issues, the Glycerin 20 remains an excellent choice.

For alternatives, you can consider ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 or the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12, which also cater to high-arched runners.

In summary, the Brooks Glycerin 20 stands out as a top option for high-arched runners seeking plush cushioning, responsiveness and durability. Brooks Glycerin 20 delivers outstanding value and performance when compared to its competitors which makes it a must-try for the ultimate running experience.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Plush cushioning
  • ➕ Responsive ride
  • ➕ Breathable design
  • ➕ Durable construction
  • ➕ Excellent value
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Laces come untied
  • ➖ Blocky ride
  • ➖ Limited color options

Can Use For
All-day wear, Walking | Jogging | Treadmill

Whom is it best for?
The Brooks Glycerin 20 is perfect for high-arched runners seeking a comfortable, responsive, and durable shoe for all their running adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a general rule of thumb, it's a good idea to replace your running shoes every 300-500 miles. But, listen to your body – if you start feeling discomfort or noticing wear and tear earlier, it's time for a new pair!
You could wear regular running shoes, but it's not ideal. High-arched runners need shoes with more cushioning and support. Trust me, your feet will thank you when you make the switch!
Not always! Many high-arched runners find relief with support shoes and over-the-counter insoles. However, if you're still experiencing issues, custom orthotics might be worth considering.
Pay attention to how your feet feel during and after runs. If you're experiencing discomfort, pain, or recurring injuries, it's likely that your shoes aren't providing the right support for your high arches.
Minimalist shoes can be a hit or miss for high-arched runners. While some may love the lightweight feel, others might find the lack of support and cushioning problematic. It's all about personal preference, so give them a try and see how your feet respond!

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