9 Best Running Belts in 2024

Last Updated: January 01, 2024 | Author: James Leigh

Do you struggle to keep your phone, gels, pods, keys, water bottle, and little stuff with you while running? Thanks to sport goods manufacturers, there is a heaven accessory that helps keep you safe and stocked up whatever your challenge through pavements—Running Belts!

But there are tons of retailers toting useless, literally useless waistbands behind fancy names and appealing products, and finding the best running belt is pretty much a challenge.

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Stunt Puppy Runner Hands-Free Dog Leash
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Ultimate Direction Ultra Belt 5.0
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MVRK Water Resistant Chest Pack
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FlipBelt Level Terrain Waist Pouch
Filoto Running Belt Check Price on AMAZON

Filoto Running Belt

Things to Check Before Investing In A Running Belt

Comfortable fit: Best running belt size fits snugly without chafing.

Enough room: There must be enough room to accommodate keys, gels & other little things as per the need.

Lightweight: The weight of the waistband should not slow you down or hold your moves.

Price point: Running belt shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. You can find pretty much everything for under $50 without skipping on quality or anything.

Versatility: The best running belt should not only be limited to running or jogging. It should be versatile enough for a variety of outdoor and gym activities.

Considering these factors, we have tested a bunch of best-rated and popular best running belts for a variety of functions to help every kind of runner narrow down things!

So check what works for you and get off to a flying start towards your running goals!

Best iPhone Running Belt

SPIbelt Running Belt Large Pocket

  • ✔️ Comfortable fit
  • ✔️ Water-resistant
  • ❌ Thick screen-protector

Whom is it best for?
Anyone looking for a hands-free phone holder for sweat sessions or outdoors.

Love running with music on? Maybe you enjoy long phone conversations during your morning jogs? Oh, you fear getting lost and carrying around a map is meh, right? Carrying around smartphones when running is sane but bro, isn’t holding that big-ass smartphone such a distraction? Why cramp your hands and make your phone more prone to getting dropped or getting marinated in your stinky sweats?

We tested some of the best running belts for phones (best rated) and found out there is such a lifesaver, no matter if you are an iPhone person or an android nut— “SPIbelt Running Belt Large Pocket”. This free run belt nicely locks your phones around your waist and does not bounce while running so you can enjoy navigating your screens. Almost all of our testers loved soft cushion support waist bag that allows runners to move freely. It can also hold up ID, cash, credit cards, jells & keys.

Highly recommended.

Best Marathon Running Belt

Nathan Hydration Running Belt Trail Mix Plus

  • ✔️ Detachable compartments
  • ✔️ Locks bounces
  • ❌ No zip-lock

Whom is it best for?
Marathoners/Ultra runners who might want a belt with lightweight, stretchable and comfortable hydration fanny packs for long run/race day with zip free pocket.

Running waist sizes belt are a must-have for runners Whether you are gearing up for a volume run, getting trained for a volume race day, or buckling down for your first marathon/ half marathon or ultra-marathon, these belts can do wonders! Among the best running waist belts for marathoners that we tested, one stood out and that was the Nathan Hydration Running Belt Trail Mix Plus.

Starting with what we liked most is this pack, the two well-positioned water bottle pouches (that can carry 2x 250 mil water flasks) that make running with water bottles less of a distraction. Usually only one water holder is given in most running belts. Then there is enough room to carry around a small rain jacket, jells, keys and stuff. The fabric material is elastic stretchable that really feels comfortable.

Also, it has elastic stretchy compartments that you can detach if you wish to shed some pounds off your belt.

However, the position of water bottles does not seem to go with everyone, but all of our testers liked it, so we advise a test before you actually buy this.

Best Dog Running Belt

Stunt Puppy Runner Hands-Free Dog Leash

  • ✔️ Great stretchability
  • ✔️ Highly durable
  • ✔️ Lightweight construction
  • ❌ No reflective darts

Whom is it best for?
Anyone seeking a versatile dog leash for running.

For legged furry pals are a great companion for running. They not only keep you motivated but help you remind yourself every day when it’s time to go for a run. All you need for this is a good dog-leash that makes the run comfortable for you both. Among all which we tested, this adjustable dog leash from Stunt Runner really impressed us.

The best thing about this is it is totally hands-free and it is super lightweight. The tubular webbing is nice, soft and durable. It has a mobile D-ring which is adjustable as per your running position.

Moreover, it is stretchable and there is enough space for your dog whether he/she likes running beside you or in front of you.

Best Trail Running Belt

Sport2People Running Belt for Men and Women

  • ✔️ Reflective darts
  • ✔️ Stays dry
  • ✔️ Very versatile
  • ❌ No bottle-holder

Whom is it best for?
This is for anyone seeking a secure & comfy waterproof belt, to carry their personal items in check, not only for trail running but for everyday workouts that are small enough to fit in any gym bag.

Trail running requires a thoughtful state of readiness beforehand, not only as in courage to tackle technical terrains but also in terms of gears and stuff that you can carry around to keep you going comfortably through those mountains, hikes, forests, and stuff.

Unpredictable weather further puts you in doubt. You need a waterproof trail running belt to keep things in check. Sport2People Running belt was our #1 pick among the best waterproof running belts we tested. The fabric material is water resistant and high quality and you have 2 separate zippered side pockets to help you reach your phones without accidentally making your small essentials or keys fall out.

Moreover, there are adjustable earphone holes and the best thing we loved about this are the 3 reflective darts so you can be safe and seen when it’s crazy dark. We only wished there was a small water bottle pouch.

Best Hydration Running Belt

Ultimate Direction Ultra Belt 5.0

  • ✔️ iPhone compatible
  • ✔️ Large zipper pocket
  • ✔️ Very versatile
  • ❌ Bit expensive
  • ❌ No color options

Whom is it best for?
Anyone looking for the best running water belt for hydration that is iPhone-compatible and a belt that conforms to the body and doesn’t bounce around.

Running under the scorching sun on fire, runners need to overcome fluid loss and nothing says this like a secure and comfy hydration pack that can hold multiple pockets to hold water flasks on the pavement. We tried a host of the best running belt with water and found out one complete package of goodness for sweaty runners i.e. Ultimate Direction Ultra Belt 4.0.

First impressions...it is made from a combination of 4-way elastic stretchy nylon and MicroMono Mesh that contours to the shape of the body. This best hydration belt can hold up 2x250 ml soft water bottles that can mold to your body while you run. There is enough room for storage options, e.g. front pocket (large pocket) to accommodate your snacks, gels, keys and small stuff.

The Inov8 All-Terrain Pro 1 was pretty much the same but if you are uncomfortable with the position of water bottles. This one is what you must check out.

Highly recommended.

Other Good Running Belts

Best Waterproof Running Belt

MVRK Water Resistant Chest Pack

  • ✔️ Minimalist Chest Pack
  • ✔️ Water Resistant
  • ✔️ Extra Durability
  • ✔️ Multiple Zipper Pockets
  • ✔️ Lightweight & Comfortable
  • ❌ Small for larger stuff.

Whom is it best for?
Great for Hiking, Great for mid to small build guy, Great for Runner. People who wanted minimal pack on the run.

MVRK Water Resistant Chest Pack making Good value. MVRK's sleek, minimalist style comes complete with a small zipper holder and a padded backpack. The material is comfortable and breathable, stretchy to be snug. The bag contains waterproof polypropylene materials which safeguards its contents and is water resistant so it's safe as they get damp in greasy environments. With an adjustable elastic strap and solid buckle its weight can fit anywhere between 26 - 48 inches in size. The main pocket is able to keep you secure while travelling.

Best Minimalist Running Belt

Aikendo Slim Running Belt

Aikendo Running Belt is compact and lightweight ultra belt but stretches well enough for your workout and race clothing needs. These lightweight belts offer a snug fit, are attached easily and have a stretchable sleeve for stability. This naked running band includes a large weather-resistant zipper pouch on both fronts and backs. The waistline should be 26 inches – 48 inches x 24 inches. The belt is designed as a lightweight option when running with a clasp & buckle. It can't hold earphone cables and sockets inside.

Best Budget Running Belt

FlipBelt Level Terrain Waist Pouch

This compact bag boasts two elastic liners enabling you to carry your phone. It makes it easier for you not to lose grip when running. It'd be an enjoyable runner at all times of the night if you had poor temperatures. The adjustable strap is comfortable for waists up to 21 inches and 45 inches. It has a high strength padded nylon body which is a machine washable and offers many other advantages of running belts from more expensive ones.

Best Lightweight Running Belt

Filoto Running Belt

Choose lightweight, breathable material that will have a great effect if it's strong: Polyester sockliner, nylon. The belt, made from waterproof neoprene, helps protect your clothing and equipment when you're in the water.

Filoto's Running Belt is a widely recognized alternative that exists today. It is 1ft high, about 1cm high and 2ft wide, so there is plenty of room for iPhone sized devices up to 6.5". This running bag can hold everything on the go without affecting your safety. It also comes equipped with a handy opening for the running of phones from a smartphone's case and for holding the keys for safe storage


Holding things during a long run can be hard, inconvenient, and uncomfortable and pockets in clothes often do not have enough room to accommodate running essentials. Best running belts are true mojos for runners that can help them hold a bunch of things without straining hand muscles.

Whether you'd need to carry your large phones for music, water bottles, gels, snacks or a key to get into your house, make sure you have a running belt that can carry it all. To help you find the best fit for preferences, we've tested a variety of best rated (over the internet) belts for running. Just know your preferences and needs and find out the best option to look at.

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If you prefer being hand free while still caring around your phone, keys, credit cards, gels, snacks, water, and little functional stuff while running, yes, you should consider investing in a running belt.

Ultimate Direction Ultra Belt 4.0 is a great running belt that offers a large zippered pocket and 2 bottle pouch.

Lululemon Fast and Free Run Belt

Running belts or waist pack help eliminate extra stress from carrying small running essentials and make running experience handsfree and comfortable.

Guides & Tips pertaining to the choice of Running Belts. Find suitable shoes. Search for Hydration abilities. Take into consideration the bag dimensions. Keep an eye on the stipulation. Springing for the additional needs.

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