Nike Go Flyease Shoes - Best Hands Free Shoes Review in 2024

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  • ✔️ Well-fitting shoe
  • ✔️ Perfect cushioning
  • ✔️ Easy on and off
  • ❌ Less collar height

Who is it best for?

Nike hands free shoe is for everyone who lives an on-the-go lifestyle and is being tagged as best hands free shoes. Though it is truly ideal for pregnant women, people with disabilities, athletes with chronic diseases, wheel chair athletes, mothers of infants, and an everyday companion for people seeking a stability shoe.

Nike flyease is not mainly a running shoe but the cushioning, sock-like fit, and stability make it a nice option to go for. You can go jogging, gym, morning run, or can make a grocery trip with these on.

Our Verdict
The new Nike Go Flyease Hands free shoe is a cool-looking, nice-fitting laceless trainer and an everyday sneaker that can pair with any look anytime. Built with Nike’s one-of-a-kind hinged technology, they are a complete package of convenience and comfort with a nice sole.

Shoe Info
Go Flyease Handsfree shoes
February 15th, 2022
Release Date
$120 Buy Now
Price in the USA
Nike said that this pair of shoes
will be available via invite
to the selected Nike Members only

Where to buy Nike Go Flyease
You can Buy the cheapest Nike Go FlyEase from here.

International Pricing
$120 Buy Now
Price in the USA
$170 AUD Buy Now
Price in AUS
£112.95 Buy Now
Price in the UK

Nike Go Flyease Hands free Shoes Review: Intro & History

If you have a body, you’re an athlete!

Over the years, Nike’s FlyEase series that the company mainly designed for disable athletes is highly loved and worn around the world by people of all ages and abilities, all because of convenience and of course, performance. Every other piece of innovation from the company more or less is an athlete-informed one, designed to thoughtfully improve athletic performance even more.

The FlyEase family began with one young man’s determination to have independence, a series of effortless shoes that have been on radars of Nike’s renowned designer Tobie Hatfield, as he was trying to fit the glove of athletes with disabilities. Finally, in response to a young disabled athlete’s letter request for an effortless shoe in 2015, the company came out with its first FlyEase that replaced the traditional lacing system with a wrap-around zipper solution.

Today, after rounds and rounds of innovations, prototypes, and adding new members to the FlyEase-fam, the company made getting in and out of sneakers infinitely easier for everyone throwing the Nike GO FlyEase (First nike hands free shoes) in the market. If you are a Flyease fan like us, you know the FlyEase shoes have never been 100% effortless as you still needed your hands to get in and out of them properly, but this time around, when they say effortless—bruh, they mean it!

With the release, the Nike shoes for disabled people was out for select members and later in the market for consumer availability, but we luckily got our hands on them!

This $120 shoe has a bi-stable hinge that allows the shoe to bend into an open position that really helped us put the shoe on. You just need to put your foot in, press the shoe and it locks your foot. While taking off requires

just a little push-down in the heel area, that bends the shoe back in the open position. Well, long story short, thumbs up for the key function, let’s see if the shoes worth the hype.

Impression Right Out Of the Box

So, the color we chose impressed us (the light green one) because it looks more vibrant than what’s shown in the picture. It feels more of a flexible shoe with the forefoot and the heel section connected via hinged technology under the foot that makes it Nike’s most flexible shoe. The body of the shoe is also connected by a tensioner that wraps from both sides of the toe and around the heel, which acts as a giant rubber band and keeps noticeable tension in the shoe in both its open and closed state.

We were expecting the shoe to be a bit ill-fitting but it was not the case when we wore them.

I like my shoe to be very tight from the collar, I am a supinator and tight collars lock my foot in place” says one tester from team Best Running Accessories. This doesn’t seem to lock your foot as perfect as the lacing system does, however, since the shoes aren’t actually made with supinators in mind, this makes sense.

The on and off system pretty much feels like the iconic Nike Air Max 90 Flyease. When trying on the shoe for the first time, the new upper was like a breath of fresh air. It felt thicker with nice padding, more comfortable, and more foot-conforming. Once you insert your foot and push the shoe down, it molds to the shape of your foot. This shoe technology promotes stability and durability. It feels like having a slipper inside a shoe.

”I was expecting the hinge to be harsh but surprisingly it didn’t feel underfoot and the tensioner band keeps the shoe in place when running”. Says a tester from the team.

Upper Mesh

The upper mesh is a no-sew lightweight fabric that feels pretty breathable. We didn’t find any hotspots in the shoe so there was no need for a super functional mesh-upper, but that’s a plus for heavy runners or for anyone who sweats a lot. Since the upper has no-sew overlays, it sounds pretty durable and stable.


If you’ve been a fan of Vomero, you will probably go head over heels for these shoes as the company used the same Cushlon cushioning in the new GO FlyEase Nike. Cushlon is Nike’s premium foam known for being ultra-responsive. It feels very light and gives a nice responsive ride when you transition from heel to toe.

We have been so obsessed with comfort in running and everyday shoes, and this is what we have been expecting from Nike trainers. Inside it is a full-length bed of Nike’s Cushlon cushioning (that the brand dubbed as The Diving Board) which feels very comfortable and stable. If you are a full-length cushioning fan, you will love the complete heel-to-toe comfort without the bulk. Since the foam is lightweight, and the bed isn’t way too thick, the shoe doesn’t weigh too heavy.

The moment we slide the foot inside, the hinged band bent to envelop the foot and it feels cushy and soft. We tested them walking over long miles, and in the gym, the shoes remain dry and feel ultra-comfortable.

If you’re a rope jumper, this may not be your gym buddy, but the rest of the workouts will be easygoing.

When taken on runs, the shoe surpassed our expectation for absorbing shocks, and we would recommend the shoe for slow runs, everyday running, and medium to low-paced runs.

Outsole And Traction

The sticky rubber designed in the geometrical pattern in the outsole provides really good traction also. We tested them on road, on the gym mat, slopes, and on rough terrain and they were really impressive. The shoe grips everything so well and we even found it better than most Nike sneakers.

Color Options

It comes in three color choices and that’s what disappointed us a little.

  1. Black, Anthracite, Elemental Gold with White Color - Suitable for all occasions.
  2. Court Blue, Dutch Blue with White color popping labeled by the brand as the colors of the city in the evening.
  3. Light Army, Black, Summit White shoes that reflect the soft pastel appearance of sunrise.

Though, they look very appealing and can complement everyday looks, but might not sound speaking to every kind of wearer because the options are limited.

We are expecting more Nike Go FlyEase colorways to drop by the end of this year.


Many runners and sneaker lovers intuitively kick their heels for convenience to take their shoes off, which often damages the back of the sneakers overtime...But this shoe is built for this action without compromising on heels, since this Nike shoe offer flat feet prevention. You can kick the kickstand heel counter as many times as you want and enjoy the convenience.

The shoe offers pretty much a good bunch of things an everyday sneaker should offer and can be worn for running since there is enough ventilation, solid traction, stability, cushioning and comfort, and powers to absorb shocks, you can expect low to medium speedwork done, but the comparison with your go-to running shoes won’t be ideal. It’s a good bang for the bucks and is perfect for athletes with disabilities, pregnant women, and for everyone who loves the convenience.

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FAQs (Nike Go Flyease Handsfree Shoes)

Nike Go FlyEase is Nike’s new innovative design that is infused with bi-stable hinge-mechanics, which completely offers hands-free on and off and is without laces.
There is a bi-stable hinge underfoot that bends when you push the heel counter to make taking the shoe off super smooth. Same, when you slip in the shoe, the bi-stable hinge beds back taking the shape of your foot to provide a nice fit.
This is not mainly a running shoe, however, there is nice cushioning, amazing fit, breathability, shock absorption, and traction, it can be good for running also but the comparison with other running shoes might not be very ideal.
They came out on February 15th, 2022.
You can simply buy the Nike Go Flyease Handsfree shoes from here.

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