11 Best Running Leggings in 2024

Last Updated: January 01, 2024 | Author: James Leigh

Are you painting your thighs and buttock RED as hell every time you go for a run? Do you suffer from poor circulation in your legs when running?

Stop living that life, you brother!

Wrong running leggings can quickly turn a run into a hell nightmare—we feel you! Running tights offers a host of benefits for runners, but they can break the game if you choose the wrong.

This guide covers a bunch of best-rated (tried and tested) best running leggings so you can make an informed decision. If you are a daily runner, workout person, scroll down and help yourself find the right gear according to your preferences.

What is the best material for running leggings?

The best material for running leggings is the one that wicks away moisture, offers excellent ventilation, keeps you warm in cold weather, stays put together, and doesn't lock moves. Also, a good set of running leggings should cost a little more, so that's what you should look for while buying. Well, without further ado, let's check those bombshells out.

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Nike Tech Shield Running Tights
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Under Armour UA Rush Seamless Leggings
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Lululemon Invigorate High-Rise Tight 25
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Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pant with Pocketst
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Lululemon Fast and Free Tight 28

Best Running Leggings - Content

What is the best material for running leggings?

The best material for running leggings is the one that wicks away moisture, offers excellent ventilation, keeps you warm in cold weather, stays put together, and doesn't lock moves. Also, a good set of running leggings should cost a little more, so that's what you should look for while buying. Well, without further ado, let's check those bombshells out.

Best Women's Running Leggings

Brooks Greenlight Essential Tight

  • ✔️ Winter ready
  • ✔️ Supportive fit
  • ✔️ Uber comfy
  • ❌ No color options
  • ❌ A bit pricey

Whom is it best for?
Suitable for women seeking easy on and off. These compression tights can be worn indoor & outdoor during winter, cold, snow, windy situations.

Women need to check a few boxes when it comes to running. Foremost, you want comfort, a moisture-sucking monster, fabric that can combat itching, chafing, irritation, pungent odor, and stuff, and the pants should be lightweight and not tenuous. According to most hardcore runners (female), Brooks Greenlight Essential Tights top the list of women's favorite, so we had to check out what's unique.

The fabric is of high quality and protects from chafing and stuff. These are high waisted leggings and have a no-bounce hidden pocket to accommodate your small belongings. They may sound overpriced, but things make sense when you try them on.

Best Men's Leggings for Running

New Balance Impact Running Tights

  • ✔️ Freedom of movement
  • ✔️ Snug fit
  • ✔️ Stays dry
  • ❌ No color options
  • ❌ Small pockets

Whom is it best for?
These are best for runners looking for smooth and easy-going workout leggings for training and long runs.

Studies confirm that men generally sweat more than their female counterparts. Men also sweat more efficiently in the upper thighs area, which can make them chafe as hell, so their pants should be solid when wicking moisture and chafe proof.

We tested a bunch and ended the search with New Balance Impact Running tights with side pockets. Its fabric technology" NB DRY" (fast-drying technology) has great moisture-wicking ability while mesh panels have perfect wind flow.

Though, it is a good match up of comfort, fit, and breathability with the material you can wear in various temperatures and conditions. Only, if you love big hip pockets, this won't fancy you!

Best Running Leggings for Cold Weather

Nike Tech Shield Running Tights

  • ✔️ Comfy warmth
  • ✔️ Nice fit
  • ✔️ Winter ready
  • ❌ A bit pricey

Whom is it best for?
Nike leggings are the best option for men looking for comfortable winter running pants, especially those who prefer wearing modest clothing.

There is much to expect from winter pants/legging beyond just a pair of pants that can keep you warm in frigid temperatures. The material should have a fleece lining inside and should be winter-ready from outside, which means it has to be water & sleet repellent, and overall should be supportive for your long runs and stuff.

We found Nike Tech Shield tights valid for the job. With soft fleece lining inside and winter-ready outside, this one is an overall thumbs up for people looking for comfort, snug fit, and durability. We highly recommend this product!

Best Compression Leggings for Running

Under Armour UA Rush Seamless Leggings

  • ✔️ Super breathable
  • ✔️ Thick fabric
  • ✔️ Nice energy return
  • ❌ Not super warm

Whom is it best for?
These are the best Under Armour running leggings for men looking for high-performance compression pants.

Designed to increase strength and increase blood flow, Under Armour UA rush Seamless legging was our best find. Our testers were impressed with the mineral-infused fabric made, which absorbs the energy your body throws up and reflects it to your muscles.

Furthermore, they are good at keeping you dry and chafe-free and wicking away moisture. Unlike most compression leggings, their fabric is thick so that you can wear them without underwear or shorts.

Most Popular Running Leggings

We hit a bunch of avid runners and found out some other highly rated brands for manufacturing running leggings. So, here are the results.

Best Nike Running Leggings

Nike Women Dri-Fit Team One Tight Leggings

  • ✔️ Very supportive
  • ✔️ High waisted
  • ❌ Minimalist construction

Whom is it best for?
It is best for runners looking for minimalist running leggings or just anyone looking for mid rise stylish activewear.

We have seen Nike leggings all-around on social media and have an excellent reputation among runners as "The brand to invest in" for comfy-yet stylish sportswear. We got to try a bunch of Nike running pants, and the overall best for us was their Seamless Camo leggings.

Their best-selling leggings pretty much pack durability, comfort, breathability, and style together. Our testers liked the camo print leggings that makes it more versatile plus, it is highly wasted, which increases comfort and fit.

Best Lululemon Running Leggings

Lululemon Invigorate High-Rise Tight 25

  • ✔️ Very durable
  • ✔️ Super stretchable
  • ✔️ Very versatile
  • ❌ Bit too expensive

Whom is it best for?
These leggings are mainly for runners, but they are versatile enough as workout clothes. We highly recommend runners who love fun colors!

This legging is made to offer 100% freedom of running and squats! It is all about unrestricted movement and lightweight fit. The fabric is a four-way stretch moisture-wicking material that feels very comfortable. We should appreciate the durability, though, and it makes sense because they are made to support heavy moves.

If you are a high waist yoga pants fan, you will enjoy a well-fitting elastic waistband with the option to further customize with drawstrings. There is also so much room to accommodate your cell phone and little belongings and work as a phone pocket.

Overall is very comfortable, breathable, stretchable, and quick-drying leggings designed mainly for running. Though, they are high in price!

Best Under Armour Running

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Leggings

  • ✔️ Highly breathable
  • ✔️ Great compression
  • ✔️ Gym ready
  • ❌ A bit tight for some

Whom is it best for?
These are best for mid to cold weather but not super recommended for bone-chilling weather. Also, if you love the skin-like fit, this one's for you. However, don't buy if you want to fancy such a fit.

If you want a pair of soft winter leggings that can get you through high-impact workouts and running without chafing and making your sweat wicking fabric, then the Under Armour leggings is just your thing.

These tights impress our testers with ua speedpocket plus how flattering they are—you can wear them beyond running sessions or gym. They fit so much like a second skin that doesn't fancy everyone, but this sounds like a good feature that adds comfort to most.

Furthermore, there are reflective details to help you get noticed when it is dark outside, plus multiple zip pocket to help you accommodate cell phones, cards, keys, and stuff.

They didn't recommend for when it is crazy cold outside, and some of our testers were not satisfied with the size of phone pockets. Overall is a thumbs up.

Best Workout Leggings for Running

Lululemon Fast and Free Tight 28

Lululemon leggings black high-waisted full length leggings are among the best we tried. Wide shaped waistband and drawstring make it impossible to adjust if one has an uneven run length. The lightweight, quick-drying fabrics feel barely there and still offer good coverage.

Drop-in gel pockets are available across the spine and sides of the waist, and there are also two side-snap pockets on the leg. It comes in a cropped width and a wide range of colors and sizes.

Best Winter Leggings for Running

BALEAF Women’s Fleece Lined Winter Leggings

BALEAF fleece lined winter leggings fabric is a stretch fabric with muscular waist and uses recycled polyester materials. The sales profits go to The ReSea Project to dispose of plastic waste from the ocean. This lightweight stretchy material allows for comfortable movements while being squat safe.

There is an extended side pocket phone pouch on one side of the leg. They're protected in an anti-odor product that means you can wear couple of times before they need washing.

Best High Waisted Leggings

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pant with Pockets

The cloth is very light and comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. The high waistband gives excellent support. Reflective dots on your lower leg will keep you visible from traffic in bright lights. There's also a pocket beneath the waistband on the back where you can hide your keys. The leggings are not entirely opaque when bent.

Best Running Leggings with Pockets

Brooks Method 7/8 Tights

This pair of running tights have a rounded waistband that will not fold down when you bend it or slip while you run. This strong textile shaped is smooth and somewhat lighter, and the perforated panels support keeping you cool. There are several pockets, including two phone pockets to the legs and fold-up pockets in the back of the vest. They offer the most cropped lengths.

Buyer's Guide: Perfect Women's Running Leggings

Wrong training clothing may cause a severe issue with your routine. There are risks of irritation from fabric mistakes, discomfort, and embarrassment. Choosing inappropriate leggings will keep you from working out. So it would be best if you did good research before selecting the suitable leggings for a routine to improve your running experience.


Cotton is suitable for freezing temperatures because it keeps you warm. But it's a bad idea for hot weather. Nylon is lightweight, making it breathable, and polyester is water-resistant and water-resistant.

Also, you can look for leggings that open towards the thigh and behind the knees. These vents will provide ventilation during a hot day, particularly in the thighs, and will also make you breathe easier in your running pants. The Best materials are nylon and polyester, breathable and moisture-resistant, and nylon is light and waterproof.

Full length

Fully-spread leggings serve as practical and work clothes. They are a great choice when it comes to freezing. Some hikers lock them inside their boots or socks to protect themselves against insects in their hands.

Runners can also wear full-length legs for running during the summer and winter. Runners can wear them to work away in winter or at work in any direction. It is also can use full-lengths for work.


Some runners have internal pockets or an outer bag. The pocket in the inner compartment will be perfect for keeping your credit and other credit card information. External pockets are made to contain your phone or keys to your house. If you carry essentials when you train and run, then avoid compromise.


Some brands prefer spandex to be elastic and highlight your lines better. As in cotton, it is not breathable, but it lasts longer. It does not have bad characteristics at temperatures low and may also double as a casual outfit. It does not absorb moisture.


Some women want zippers because it will make it easier to put on leggings. They also work if it comes to lacing your running shoes. Leggings with zip pockets are a good substitute for carrying skinny running pants beside your hips.

Waist Band

The perfect band for leggings is elastic. It'll sit snug and fit on the side, and a slight drop would keep the waist at your side. There are sometimes running leggings with drawstring closure over the abdomen. If you like this, then be brave.


Cotton leggings are the ideal clothes for casual use. Cotton doesn't absorb water and is not breathable. It can also get saggy and lose shape, mainly if used daily. You won't be friends with cotton during workouts.

7/8 length

The 7/8 length is relatively recent on the market. Not all names carry it currently. If you want it, you can always have quality ones. Other sizes of women's running leggings include seven or four or seven or five.

Extra features

Features can be a part of running leggings, so check for features. Leggings help avoid holding your phone in your hand.


For leggings length - it's best to vary, depending on what you'll wear. Some activities need a specific duration, but it depends on personal choice.

Capri Length

Capri leggings are lovely in summer because they offer breathability. It stops just below the knees and is a good choice for any user if you hate shorts.

Things to consider when buying running leggings

Running leggings are the critical decisions to make when buying them. The legging size is essential to look for when purchasing athletic leggings. So, there you have it—The best running leggings for different types of runners and situations. Whether you prefer modest activewear brand for running or there is cold outside, running legging is your answer.

Our runners have tried many best rated running leggings across the web and thrived them to check if they are worth the hype. This article covers the best in the market running tights for men and women and different situations and preferences to make an informed decision.

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