Best Nike Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Last Updated: April 04, 2024 | Author: Dr. Benjamin Wallace

Nike Pegasus 40

Nike Pegasus 40

Nike Infinity RN 4

Nike Infinity RN 4
Nike Revolution 7

Nike Revolution 7
Nike InfinityRN 4 GORE-TEX

Nike InfinityRN 4 GORE-TEX
Nike Structure 25

Nike Structure 25

Running is a fantastic journey, but for those with flat feet, finding the right shoes can feel like a quest. Imagine shoes designed to support, comfort, and propel you forward, transforming your run from a chore to a thrilling adventure. We've sifted through a plethora of options, putting models of Nike running shoes to the test, to help you choose the best.

These shoes are not just about the fit; they're about enhancing every step you take. Whether you're racing against your personal best or just enjoying the scenery, the perfect pair awaits. Ready to find your game-changer? Keep reading our list of best Nike running shoes for flat feet and embark on a journey to discover the ultimate companion for your feet.

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Best for Daily Training: Nike Pegasus 40

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Stretchy mesh upper Medium Neutral 10mm 289g/ 10.2oz

In my many years of running marathons and helping others find the right gear, I've learned a thing or two about what makes a great pair of running shoes, especially for people like me who've flat feet. There's Nike Pegasus 40 I've come to rely as best shoes for everyday training. They've a special kind of cushioning that feels both soft and springy, making each step comfortable and helping me run longer without pain. Plus, there's this cool feature where the shoe sort of hugs the middle of my foot snugly, making sure the shoe fits perfectly and doesn't slide around when I'm on the move.

I remember this one time, during a particularly long training session, when these features really saved the day. My feet felt supported the entire time, and I didn't have the usual ache afterwards. This was a game-changer for me, showing just how important a good pair of shoes is for someone with flat feet.

In short, for anyone who runs regularly and wants a shoe that feels great day after day, finding a pair with these kinds of features is key. It's made a huge difference for me, turning what used to be a painful necessity into one of the best parts of my day.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Versatile for all types of runner's needs.
  • ➕ Plush cushioning for comfort.
  • ➕ Durable and long-lasting.
  • ➕ Lightweight and encourages efficient running.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Snug fit in the toe area.
  • ➖ Limited color options available.

Best for Long-Distance Runs: Nike Infinity RN 4

Nike Infinity RN 4-men
For Men and Women

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 9 mm 11.1 oz (316g)

While I usually pick a different shoe for my everyday runs, the Nike Infinity RN 4 really shines when it comes to long distances. As someone with flat feet, it's super important to me to find a shoe that keeps me stable, comfortable, and can go the distance without falling apart. This one shoe has really made a difference for me, and here's why:

  • Stability: It has extra wide base to support your feet.
  • Comfort: The cushioning is like walking on clouds, making every step feel great.
  • Endurance: It's made for the long haul, so it doesn't wear out even after many miles.
  • Breathable: My feet can breathe easily, staying cool and dry thanks to the special fabric.
  • Trusted Quality: I feel confident running in these because they're from a maker that really gets what runners like me need.

I've run countless miles in these shoes, and they've been with me through thick and thin. Whether it's training for a marathon or just a long weekend run, they've never let me down.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Lightweight.
  • ➕ Excellent support.
  • ➕ Cool and breathable.
  • ➕ Good traction.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Premium price
  • ➖ Tight fit for wide feet

Best for Stability: Nike Revolution 7

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 10.5 mm 9.9 oz (281g)

I've run in a lot of shoes, and I know how tricky it can be to find the right ones, especially if you're running with flat feet. The Nike Revolution 7 is designed for people who need extra support when they run. It's got this lightweight material that doesn't make your feet feel heavy, and a soft cushion inside that's like a pillow for your arches. The bottom part is tough and grips the ground well, so you don't slip.

I remember once, during a marathon, a friend who always struggles with flat feet tried these on my recommendation. Usually, he'd have trouble because his feet would roll inward too much, but with these shoes, he didn't have that problem. He told me how the shoes felt like they were holding his feet just right, keeping them stable without squeezing too tight. It was a game-changer for him.

These shoes do a great job of balancing cushioning, which means they're soft where you need them to be but also give your feet the right kind of support. They're perfect for folks who find their feet rolling inwards because of flat arches. In my years of running and helping others pick gear, finding a shoe that does all this without making your feet feel like they're carrying extra weight is pretty impressive.

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Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Affordable option.
  • ➕ Comfortable for daily wear.
  • ➕ Durable materials.
  • ➕ Lightweight feel.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Basic design lacks advanced features.
  • ➖ May not suit long-distance runners.

Best for Wet Conditions: Nike InfinityRN 4 GORE-TEX

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 9 mm 11.1 oz (316g)

When looking for shoes that can handle rain and keep feet dry, Nike InfinityRN 4 GORE-TEX stands out. It's perfect for people who've flat feet and still want to run comfortably in wet weather. This shoe has a special material that keeps water out but lets your feet breathe, which is great for staying comfortable on long runs.

One time, during a particularly rainy marathon, these shoes were a lifesaver. They kept my feet dry the whole time, which is a big deal because wet feet can lead to blisters and discomfort. The cushioning in the shoe also made a huge difference. It's soft and bouncy, making each step feel good, which is super important for someone with flat feet like me.

The shoe also has a solid base, giving the right amount of support needed when running. This is crucial for avoiding pain and injury, especially for those long distances. Plus, these shoes are tough. They've been through many rainy runs and still look and perform as if they're new.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Waterproof GORE-TEX technology.
  • ➕ Comfortable for various conditions.
  • ➕ Durable in harsh weather.
  • ➕ LightweightLightweight despite waterproofing.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Higher price due to GORE-TEX.
  • ➖ Limited breathability.

Best for Ultimate Cushioning: Nike Invincible 3

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Flyknit Upper Medium Neutral 9mm 309g/ 10.9oz

In my many years of running marathons and testing out gear, I discovered Nike Invincible 3 running shoes really stand out because they're super comfortable. They've a special react foam in the sole that makes running feel like bouncing on clouds, which is great for my flat feet. When I run long distances, these shoes make sure I don't feel the hard impact on the ground.

I've noticed the shoe is also amazing choice for flat-footed runners who tend to roll their feet inwards too much. The bottom shape of the shoe makes me feel stable and secure, and the top part is made of a light material that lets my feet breathe, so they don't get too hot.

One time during a marathon, I was really grateful for these shoes. Around mile 20, when my feet usually start hurting, I realized that my feet felt just fine, and I was able to finish strong. This is because the design of the shoe perfectly supports my flat feet, especially around the heel and arch areas.

I really believe these shoes are a top choice for runners looking for the best comfort and support. They've been a game-changer for me, making my runs more enjoyable.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Exceptional cushioning for comfort.
  • ➕ Highly durable for extended use.
  • ➕ Lightweight, aiding in performance.
  • ➕ Provides robust support and stability.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Might feel too soft for some preferences.
  • ➖ Slightly bulkier silhouette.

Best for Arch Support: Nike Structure 25

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 10mm 302g

  • The arch support is perfect for someone like me, who needs extra help in that area.
  • They're built to make sure every step feels good and easy.
  • There's this cool cushion in the front part of the shoe that responds to your steps, making you feel stable.
  • A part around the heel adds to this stability, so my feet feel supported the whole time I'm running.
  • The shoe kind of molds to my midfoot, which means it fits really snug and comfy.

I remember running a particularly tough marathon, and these shoes were a game-changer. My feet usually hurt because they're flat, but with these shoes, I felt like I could keep going without any pain. They're definitely a top choice for me and I often suggest them to friends who are looking for good running shoes, especially if they struggle with flat feet like I do.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Enhanced support for overpronators.
  • ➕ Durable design for long-term use.
  • ➕ Balanced cushioning for comfort and response.
  • ➕ Lightweight for a stability shoe.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Fit might be tight for wide feet.
  • ➖ Initial stiffness before break-in.

Best for Comfort: Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 10mm 261g

I've tried lots of running shoes because I run marathons and also help people find the best gear for their sports needs. Nike React Phantom in this regard stands out for being super easy to put on and really comfortable. This shoe doesn't have laces, which means you can just slip it on and off without any hassle. It's made with a special material that makes it fit snugly around your forefoot, feeling like it's made just for you, and it breathes so your feet don't get too sweaty.

During one marathon, these shoes felt like a dream. They've a special cushioning that bounces back with every step I took, making me feel like I was running on clouds. This was a game-changer for me because it meant I could focus on my running without worrying about my feet getting tired or sore. It's like this shoe was made with both comfort and ease in mind, which is exactly what I look for when I'm picking out gear for myself or recommending products to others in my store.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Snug, seamless fit.
  • ➕ Soft, responsive cushioning.
  • ➕ Durable and lightweight.
  • ➕ Breathable and flexible.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Non-adjustable fit.
  • ➖ Limited support for overpronators.

Best for Style and Performance: Nike Interact Run SE

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 10mm 261g

As someone who's run many marathons and helps people pick the best running gear, I've come across Nike Interact Run SE and it stood out. It looks great and performs even better, making it a top choice for serious runners who care about style.

This shoe has a special insole that really supports my feet as the flat feet tend to overpronate when I run. It's been a game-changer in keeping my steps steady and comfortable. During a marathon last summer, when the heat was intense, the shoe's upper that's made of a mesh material, kept my feet cool and dry. This feature alone made the shoe worth it for me.

What also impresses me is the shoe's bottom part. It's made to last and has grooves that move with my feet, making my runs feel more natural with high responsiveness. This came in handy during a particularly rainy half-marathon, where I needed that extra grip and flexibility.

The design is another big plus. It's sleek and modern, making me feel confident both on the track and when I'm just out and about. I've had people come up to me asking about my shoes because they look so good.

Lastly, its unique look doesn't just blend in with other shoes. It stands out, mixing fashion with function in a way that's hard to find. This shoe has been a great addition to my running gear, and I often recommend it to others in my store who are looking for something that ticks both the style and performance boxes.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Stylish and versatile.
  • ➕ Lightweight and breathable.
  • ➕ Eco-friendly materials.
  • ➕ Integrated tech features.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Limited support for long distances.

Best for Smooth Transition: Nike LunarGlide 9

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 10mm 261g

The Nike Zoom Fly 4 running shoes is the third version in a line of ultra-responsive racing shoes with a carbon fiber plate in the sole. The fly minimal design looks like its predecessors, but has some new exciting features that make it even more comfortable and responsive than before. These motion control shoes can be used by beginners or experienced runners because of its lightweight cushioning and flexibility to adapt your foot's motion for optimal performance throughout an entire run.

No matter if it’s a long or a short run, Nike Zoom Fly 4 is perfect for flat feet runners. With amazing shock absorption capacity, this lightweight shoe provides premium comfort and offers a propulsive feel.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Good for overpronators.
  • ➕ Comfortable and lightweight.
  • ➕ Breathable with stylish design.
  • ➕ Spacious for wide feet.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Narrow fit for some.
  • ➖ Outsole traps debris.

Best for Speed Training: Nike Air Zoom Winflo 10

Material Toe Box Arch Support Heel to toe drop Weight
Mesh Upper Medium Neutral 10mm 296 g

I've run in a lot of shoes, especially when I'm trying to go fast. The Nike Air Zoom Winflo 10 stands out when I want to pick up speed but keep my flat feet happy. They've this special cushion in the front part of the shoe that makes each step feel springy. It's like getting a little boost every time my foot hits the ground.

The middle part of the shoe has a kind of foam that's both soft and supportive. This is super important for me because my flat feet need that extra stability to keep from getting sore, especially on longer runs.

The top part of the shoe is made of a material that lets my feet breathe. This means even when I'm pushing hard and my feet start to get hot, they don't end up all sweaty. It fits snugly too, so I don't have to worry about blisters or my foot sliding around.

What's really cool is how the middle part of the shoe is made just for flat feet like mine. It makes sure my feet are comfortable without slowing me down.

Using these shoes has been a game changer for my speed training. They help me go fast without forgetting that I need a little extra support for my flat feet.

Reasons to Buy
  • ➕ Comfortable and lightweight.
  • ➕ Breathable upper design.
  • ➕ Stylish and modern looks.
  • ➕ Utilizes recycled materials.
Reasons to Avoid
  • ➖ Decreased responsiveness.
  • ➖ Laces may come undone.


In conclusion, selecting the best Nike running shoes for flat feet is a crucial step for any runner looking to enhance their performance while ensuring comfort and stability. Through extensive testing, we've identified models that stand out in various categories, catering to the unique needs of runners with flat feet.

These shoes not only provide the necessary arch support and cushioning but also come equipped with features that cater to training, long-distance runs, and even style preferences. It's important to choose the right shoe to help you avoid discomfort and injuries, and with the options we've explored, runners can find a reliable shoe guide and companion for their journey.

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