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7 Best Running Gloves in 2022

Last Updated: October 07, 2022

Running in extreme cold weather is not just about freezy pavements, your hands are prone to get chapped in the freezing weather. Running gloves are a great solution to tie weather and your running goals together.

SIMARI Winter Gloves Check Price on AMAZON

SIMARI Winter Gloves
The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves Check Price on AMAZON

The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves
Under Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves Check Price on AMAZON

Under Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves
Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 Check Price on AMAZON

Nike Vapor Jet 6.0
Nike Dri-Fit Element Running Gloves Check Price on AMAZON

Nike Dri-Fit Element Running Gloves

Best Running Gloves - Content

The best running gloves are gloves that keep your hands warm without making them sweaty, offer conductive fingertips, are lightweight yet breathable, have compatible fingertips with your touchscreen, have reflective patterns for low light and sundries.

However, finding the right piece that ticks all the boxes is a real challenge. Well, we have tested a whole lot of athletic gloves in the market, to help runners like you find the best ones to fit their needs without moving a finger.So, without further ado, go and check out what sounds speaking to you!

Best Winter Running Gloves

SIMARI Winter Gloves

  • ✔️ Water-resistant
  • ✔️ Windproof layering
  • ✔️ Screen compatible fingertips
  • ✔️ Visibility in the dark
  • ❌ Size may vary

Whom is it best for?
Anyone looking for a nice winter running glove that is cell phone compatible has reflective detailing and good at keeping your hands dry.

SIMARI has been known for designing and manufacturing innovative and high-performance running shoes, today, their winter running gloves are skyrocketing in popularity as well as the best cold weather gloves in the sportswear market, mainly for comfort and style.

Among all that we tested, their men's and women's running gloves in winter stood out as the best gloves for cold weather for their warmth, visibility, and functionality. Carbonite gloves material is DriLayer fabric (81% recycled polyester/19% spandex) which is very flexible and can handle stretches for maximum motions.

Furthermore, there is 3M carbon black reflective detailing on fingers with a nice grip on cell phone touchscreens. Their material also works so nice locking wind to touch your hands and can be recommended to use as everyday gloves.

Top of everything, its moisture-wicking ability is so good, keeps your hands dry in the extreme cold weather, and is weather resistance. We only wish it could handle crazy cold weather also, but overall, it is a perfect option to look at.

Best Women's Running Gloves

The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves

  • ✔️ Solid grip
  • ✔️ Keeps warm
  • ✔️ Very versatile
  • ❌ Not super warm

Whom is it best for?
All-round gloves for when you need grip to most, whether for holding a water flask, cellphone, or steering

Made with a 93% recycled-polyester with a women-specific fit, The North Face gloves are highly rated as a favorite among female runners as all-around great gloves so we had to try them. The reviews were so good! The fabric is a blend of stretchable fleece with Etip technology on fingers that offers nice compatibility with cell phones.

What really makes these mitts best-running gloves is the women-specific fit, silicone coating in the palm that further gives a nice silicone grip on the phone or anything you want to hold, and the radiometric articulation technology that keeps your hand relaxed.

These, we won’t say were the warmest when it’s crazy cold, but the overall features make it an obvious option to look at. They feel very natural to wear, we must say.

Best Men's Running Gloves

Under Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves

  • ✔️ Very well-fitting
  • ✔️ Feels comfy
  • ✔️ Lightweight yet soft
  • ❌ Not super durable

Whom is it best for?
This is perfect for men running under gentle cold weather or anyone seeking soft, water-resistant and thin gloves that are touch screen compatible.

Underarmour Liner 2.0 mens are one of the company’s best products. They are thin-fitted gloves, usually worn over heavier glover's when the temperature is very cold. It has Under Armors’ unique storm finish layer that really repels water when it’s raining, snowing, or fogging, without sacrificing ventilation.

We enjoyed the rubber grip on touch-screens and the fit was perfect. Especially that ribbed wrist that cuffs to clench the wrist feels very comfortable.

Overall it is a pair of gloves with well-fitting and lightweight gloves that everyone in our team appreciated and therefore we rated this as best mens winter gloves. Only they do not provide extra warmth in bone-chilling and extreme weather, so we would advise layering a thick glove underneath.

Best Football Gloves for Running Backs

Nike Vapor Jet 6.0

  • ✔️ Lightweight construction
  • ✔️ Nicely padded
  • ✔️ Perfect ventilation
  • ❌ Bit pricey

Whom is it best for?
The gloves are designed mainly for Football back runners looking for well-fitting gloves.

Nike is not only famous in running shoes category and ultimate sleek design jackets, but also known for in gloves category. Nikes unique ideas always appeal to their loyal customers and so they come up with Nike Football gloves which is perfect for ventilation at the back and mesh between fingers to really make a game. Also material of the football glove Nike is stretchable and synthetic.

Freedom comes next to the fabric—these athletic gloves should not hold the moves of your hands, while there should be enough cushioning and padding to secure your hand on the ground. One pair of gloves that we tested ticks all the boxes and that was Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 Gloves by Nike. They offer a choice of motions, are well structured, lightweight, super flexible, and comfortable, and the grip is nice also.

Moreover, all of our testers liked the cuffs that give a custom fit. High-quality material, aggressive style, and bit pricey tags are sure things you can expect Nike products to offer.

Other than the Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 that is known for best football gloves for runners. There is one more that most footballer like is Nike Superbad 4.0 football gloves.

Best Lightweight Running Gloves

Nike Dri-Fit Element Running Gloves

  • ✔️ Moisture-wicking material
  • ✔️ Touch screen compatible
  • ✔️ Flexible
  • ❌ Not super warm

Whom is it best for?
Anyone seeking soft, lightweight, and touch screen friendly running gloves for mild to cold weather. Not super recommended for below-freezing and extreme cold temperatures.

Runners hate the feeling of clammy or unpleasantly damp palms when running with heavy mitts on. These gloves are ones that are lightweight and breathable that do not interrupt the flow of a run. If you are seeking a well-ventilated, comfy yet lightweight set of running gloves, we would recommend Nike Dri-Fit

element running gloves. They are super lightweight, and moisture-wicking, which means you have the job well done but without the bulk. The fabric is a 4-way stretch with articulated fingers which provides a natural range of motions and it feels like a second and a much warmer layer of skin.

Note: These are not bombs at keeping your hands warm in super extremely cold weather though so if you live in a place where the weather dips below freezing a lot, be advised that these won't keep your hands warm.

Best Touch Screen Gloves for Running

New Balance Lightweight Running Gloves

  • ✔️ Good looking mitts
  • ✔️ Very versatile
  • ✔️ Touchscreen compatible
  • ❌ Runs tight

Whom is it best for?
Anyone can use these touchscreen running gloves as well as other activities, including working out, hiking, volleyball, or biking.

You have Apps to track your miles, there are so many Insta-worthy spots that you can’t get past your daily runs, or you may want to swipe your screen to receive your bae’s call or to change the soundtrack...carrying a phone on the pavement is cool but we all can relate to the feeling of anger when your screen doesn’t respond to those old-school mitten layer.

Well, we now have tons of touchscreen compatible, smart running gloves and on top of that were New Balance running mittens. First impressions, they are functional yet stylish that you can complement your running outfit. Next what we like is the fabric is high quality and smooth and their grip (thumb and on index fingers) over the touchscreen is super responsive.

Moreover, the price is super reasonable which is a plus for savvy runners. Only the issue we had was about sizing, the sizes we ordered were not true for most of the runner, so we would advise going for a bigger size than your hands.

Best Waterproof Running Gloves

Under Armour Storm Run Liner Gloves

  • ✔️ Wicks moisture
  • ✔️ Lightweight
  • ✔️ Cool looking
  • ❌ Not super warm

Whom is it best for?
The gloves are designed mainly for those brisk fall/spring morning runs and can be your all-around favorite when combined with a thicker set underneath in harsh cold weather.

Running in winter demands a good waterproof set of gloves that provide performance, balance, and protection. One such pair of running gloves we tested sounds true to the business is Storm Run Liner by Under Armour. The company is known for its unique UA Storm technology to make waterproof sportswear.

On top is a waterproof coating and it works nice and they also allow airflow for ventilation. The seams are all flat-lying, reducing the risk of irritation being caused by rubbing and chafing.

Even though it is touchscreen compatible but honestly, the functionality was ok. Also, they are not super warm for extremely cold weather, so you might need a thicker set of gloves underneath when it is bone-freezing outside.


Running contributes to a host of mental and physical benefits for runners, things like harsh weather and stuff make runners fall short of their running goals. There is a solution to all of those problems, though, and it comes in the form of running gloves.

These warmest winter gloves can do wonders in improving your outdoor running experience. They keep your hands warm even in the harshest winter weather.

Our team at Best Running Gears has tested a bunch of highly rated good running gloves from top-rated manufacturers over the internet so we can help runners like you choose the best one for their preferences. Know your needs and preferences and find out a perfect match for yourself.

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