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Women’s and men’s feet are anatomically different. According to bio mechanists, female feet are simply not scaled down versions of male feet but rather differ in a number of shape characteristics, particularly at the arch, the lateral side of the foot, the first toe, and the ball of the foot. These beauties notably have narrower heels in relation to the ball of the foot which gives their shoes a wider ball, bigger ball girth, and heel being super narrower than that of men.

When it comes to running, one thing that totally answers the prayers of female runners is “the lineage of best Nike running shoes for Women” that fit them like a glove and boost the overall performance. With a plethora of options to choose from.

Come let’s dive in to the pool and find a perfect pair of Nike running shoes for a women which not only fullfill her needs but also gives a blasting experience while running on a track!

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Best Nike Shoes For Comfort

Depending on how you define comfort—cushiness, arch support, fitting, or anything in between—Hold my hand and walk through finding the perfect pair of running shoes for you.

Best Nike Lightweight Running Shoes For Women

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

  • ✔️ Solid Traction
  • ✔️ Responsive forefoot
  • ✔️ Cushioned ride
  • ❌ Narrow toe box

A new study found that runners were 1% slower for every 3.5 ounces added to each running shoe. Well, when it comes to lightweight running shoes, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 is the shoe women should end their search with. It’s a super responsive everyday trainer that can be a good long run champ if you ask me. Delivering a perfect fit and feel that you lovelies love, the shoe has an oh-so-comfy forefoot cushioning unit and foam to give you a punch of responsiveness. So, if you want to kick away some ounces that hold you back as a road running shoes, give Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 a tight hug!

Best Supported Nike Women’s Running Shoe

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 8

  • ✔️ Durable outsole
  • ✔️ Plush
  • ✔️ Breathable
  • ❌ Unresponsive sole
  • ❌ Ill-Fitting heels

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to add a few miles up, or dry running for a marathon, a shoe with additional support and cushioning will be a true darl! Built with a heel overlay, and engineered mesh upper, with Flywire cables securing the top of your foot, Nike Air Zoom Winflo 8 is the best nike shoes for women. You will enjoy a smooth ride and stable transition with low profile cushioning.

Best Women’s Nike Running Shoes For Motion Control And Cushioning

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

  • ✔️ Comfortable cushioning
  • ✔️ Supportive base
  • ✔️ Durable
  • ❌ A bit narrow
  • ❌ Not lightweight

Designed to keep you lovelies running fearlessly, this best cushioned running shoes for women is a step towards the company’s objective of shunning the injuries. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 skirts the awesomeness of two technologies: A fine-tuned blend of biomechanical efficiency and cushioning for a breakthrough shoe that offers a more democratic solution to stability, and an advanced form of Nike’s traditional motion-control designs, making it a perfect option as Nike womens stability shoes.

Best Nike Shoes For Heel Pain

The lineage of best running shoes for women provides substantial React Foam midsole foot cushioning, offers ample arch support, aid in the prevention of injuries, and can promote improved athletic performance. Here are my top picks according to different foot situations.
Also, you can see full in-depth collection of 12 Top Nike flat feet runner shoes.

Best Women’s Nike Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Nike Downshifter 11 Sneaker

  • ✔️ Max cushioning
  • ✔️ Flexible
  • ❌ Not very versatile
  • ❌ Best for paved surfaces only

If there is a shoe that could help you deal with plantar pain and prevent the cause from occurring, I would say it is the Nike Downshifter 11 Sneaker obviously. People with Plantar Fasciitis gotta look for shoes that provide extra stability and cushion at the heel with react midsole — Downshifter fits the situation like a glove! Encompass with max cushioning, these plantar fasciitis shoes Nike provides flexibility at toe-off, gives a smooth ride at mid-stance, and provides amazing stability to people with Plantar Fasciitis.

Best Nike Running Shoes For Women Overpronators

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24

  • ✔️ Stable ride
  • ✔️ Plush upper
  • ✔️ Responsive forefoot
  • ❌ Less bouncy
  • ❌ Not so durable

Does overpronation get you down? We know how miserable the pain can be! Well, Nike’s Air Zoom Structure has got you covered! With a firmer midsole on the arch side of the foot and a lighter, softer foam on the outside—all to maximize shock absorption, Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 is built to minimize the effects of overpronation and keep you moving comfortably. So, if you overpronate while running, get your hands on the best Nike running shoes for women with overpronators.

Best Nike Running Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

Nike Air Max 270

  • ✔️ Perfect traction
  • ✔️ Stylish Features with Air Max Icon
  • ✔️ Supportive
  • ✔️ Air Max Heel cushioning
  • ❌ Little fitted
  • ❌ No reflectivity

Looking for the right amount of arch support and the right fitting shoe to blow a new life to your flat feet on the road? Keep yourself moving with Nike Air Max 270. Awarded for being the most stylish shoe with luxuriously plush provides a great comfort. This super versatile shoe can handle whatever you are getting trained for. Amazing energy return, perfectly padded ankle collar, and Air Max cushioning…pamper your foot ya’ honey!

Best Nike Women’s Running Shoes For High Arches

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2

  • ✔️ Versatile cushions
  • ✔️ Custom appeal
  • ✔️ Under-arch support
  • ❌ Narrow forefoot
  • ❌ Heels lack support

Women with high arches know the pain when it comes to finding the right shoe for them.

With a variety of arch heights to choose from and lots of cushy-cushy, Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2 one is made for runners with high arches which not only protect from high arches but also consider ideal womens shoe for knee pain. This customizable shoe offers a prominent midsole scoop which increases the sensation of under-arch support and has always been a game-changer for women with high arches shoes.

Best Nike Hiking Shoes

From traversing steep terrain to pounding pavements, synchronize your strides with my top favorite hiking shoe from Nike cuz bubs, those shoes really speak!

Best Nike Running Shoe Women’s For Hiking

Nike Air Zoom WildHorse 7

  • ✔️ Bouncier ride
  • ✔️ Well-fitting upper
  • ❌ Not lightweight
  • ❌ Not so stable

Gone are those days when you carry around different pairs of shoes for running and hiking! If you love running and hiking at the same time, put Nike Wildhorse 7 on and you’re pretty good to go. Having a full-rubber outsole, this shoe features abrasion-resistant materials in the forefoot and heel, with sticky rubber in the middle to get you past even through the craziest hills like a pro.

Nike Women's Long Distance Running Shoes

Whether you’re buckling down for your first race or taking a leap for your seventh marathon, you demand some real SHOES!! Well, leave it to Nike and you’re there. Check out these pieces of bombshell Nike offers to charge you up through miles. Also, you can see full in-depth collection of 18 ideal Nike women's running shoes for long distance specially.

Best Nike Running Shoes For Women Long Distance

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

  • ✔️ Comfortable cushioning
  • ✔️ Supportive base with shock absorption
  • ✔️ Lightweight
  • ✔️ Responsive Foam
  • ✔️ Foot breathability
  • ❌ A little on expensive side
  • ❌ A little wider than others

Want your long runs to be smooth and easy? Designed to absorb lots of impacts to help keep you moving comfortably mile after mile Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit is perfect for long runs. From the moment you lace up to hitting the road, you will feel the potential it offers with its ability to return maximum energy with every step. So, if you really want to rejuvenate your foot during those long-ass runs, get this one in the first place!

Best Nike Running Shoes For Women Marathon

Nike Revolution 5

  • ✔️ Unparalleled energy return
  • ✔️ Fastest shoes ever
  • ❌ A bit expensive

Uhm..this one’s hands down the future of running! With added 15% foam and reduced over; weight, engineers at Nike have broken the record of speed, comfort, and support. It’s the fast you’ve never seen before that promises to grip the road better. Made of a combination of Nike’s innovative running shoe technology : the Revolution & VaperWeave material, the company claims Nike Women's Revolution 5 to be their fastest shoe ever. So, if you just want to be the fastest and price isn’t an issue, these shoes want you to fall in love with them.

Best Nike Trail Running Shoes Women’s

Nike Pegasus Trail 3

  • ✔️ Perfect for trail & roads
  • ✔️ Lightweight
  • ✔️ Supportive
  • ❌ Thin toe-bumper
  • ❌ Not so durable

Perform your fullest no matter if you’re on pavement or a trail. Nike Pegasus Trail 3 is here to keep you shining in both worlds. Nike Pegasus Trail 2 tops the list of Nike running shoe for womens to trail when it comes to biting the dirt and cushioning your feet against rocks. With perfectly lugged outsoles with nice and airy mesh, these shoes optimize traction on roads and trails alike. Having the nice ability to support your foot, they are built to bite dirt and cushion your feet against rocks.

Best Workout Nike Shoes

Run, walk, squat, lift weights, or nail your HIITs, you deserve being in the right shoe that is purposely made to speak to your gym goals. Check out these picks from the Nike’s best running shoes for women made to complement sweat hours.

Best Nike Running And Training Shoe For Women

Nike Legend Essential 2

  • ✔️ Comfiest cushioning set-up
  • ✔️ Versatile
  • ❌ A bit expensive

Want to add revolutionary responsiveness to your trainers? Give it an update of Nike Legend Essential 2. It’s a trainer that’s built to last ages and beyond. With a Flywire lacing system, slim fit for a more tailored feel, this is the first training shoe that has long-distance racing shoe foam. So if you clock in miles on a treadmill or hit the road in full swing, invest in Nike Legend Essential 2 and enjoy the ride.

Best Nike Women’s Shoes For Gym And Running

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%

  • ✔️ Comfortable enough
  • ✔️ Perfect cushioning
  • ✔️ Responsive foam
  • ✔️ 2 Zoom Air Units combination
  • ❌ Expensive in price
  • ❌ Not suitable for every occasion

Whether it’s a gym class, agility focused workout, strength training, boxing, or high-intensity interval training, or marathon track a pair of shoes built to conquer multiple workouts is all that you need and this one will never let you down. Thanks to Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% that is made for extreme gymming and running! With sufficient soft mesh that breathes as you move, Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% flexes amazingly to deliver a maximum supportive feel. Furthermore, to have your jumps, squats, and planks on a bed of clouds, there is enough cushion and grooves inside.

While to lock your sides, it opens its arms (arch up the outside) to give a nice grip and traction.

Aye-aye, isn’t this what describes a perfect pair of gym shoes ya’ honey?

Best Selling Nike Shoes

From road to trail, pavements to hiking…the following best Nike running shoes for women are breaking the grounds being the best sellers of the year.


Despite major differences in the composition, women’s and men’s shoes are different. You might see two similar model shoes for men and women, and will actually be having completely different midsole materials, heel support, and other fit factors that impact the comfort and weight of the shoe differently for both genders. When it comes to finding the best Nike running shoes for women, one shoe will not fit everyone like a glove. Things that may be perfect for one may not be working for someone else. So, clearly, women need to first figure and chalk out their needs and preferences, listen to the jargon of their foot on the ground, and then should head to smack the right pair of running shoes for them.

So now when you’ve got the right gear, buckle up & go on!

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