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5 Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints in 2022

Last Updated: October 11, 2022

Almost 15% a year of running wounds are brought about by shin braces. The shoes on our rundown will help to keep you from developing blisters and injuries so that. Many of these were easily removed if the sprinter wore the proper footwear. In this article we will discuss the greatest running sneakers for shin splints, with one end goal being to help evade this excruciating experience. The shoes will help to prevent wounds to prevent you from zeroing in.

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Do you feel tenderness, soreness, and pain along the inner-side of your shinbone when you run? Is this unruly shit keeping you from pounding your miles?

Shin Splints are among the most common and frustrating injuries among runners that are really hard to prevent and in most cases, the real culprit is the running shoe.

If you have shin splints, you might notice tenderness, soreness, or pain along the inner side of your shinbone and mild swelling in your lower leg going for the wrong or ill-fitting shoe contributes to severe pain and can worsen as your shoe ages. Well, you can alleviate your pain just by helping yourself make an informed choice while choosing the right running shoe and that’s what we are here for.

What are Shin Splints?

It refers to pain (sometimes a hell lot-of pain) in shin bones Tibia—the larger two bones in the lower legs. It is medically known as stress syndrome often occurs in newbies in running or athletes who have recently intensified or changed their training routines. Typically only one leg is affected when it comes to shin splints, and it’s usually the runner’s dominant leg.

The pain is usually a result of an imbalance between the calf muscles and the muscles in the front of your leg and most of the time, this is caused by ill-fitting shoes. A shoe with well cushioned is all you need to alleviate the pain.

Well, this article covers the top 5 (tried and tested) shoes for runners with different needs and situations so you can make an informed decision before pounding pavement.

Best Running Shoes for Men with Shin Splints

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

  • ✔️ Uber comfortable
  • ✔️ Stable ride
  • ✔️ Lightweight cushioning
  • ❌ Narrow toe-box

Whom is it best for?
This is Brooks most cushioned shoe and is a staple for just any runner seeking stability, comfort, supportive and breathable fit. They are versatile enough to be worn through training, exercising, and work

When it comes to running shoes, Brooks is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and true knowledge of the sport, and they have their Adrenaline shoe to help you. We chose this one best for men as it offers nice shock absorption plus ample cushioning and support.

Diagonal roll bars enhance stability with every stride while their BioMoGo cushioning adopts the shape of your foot, providing comfort, softness, and so much support. But, of course, with this much cushioning, you might be thinking of the weight

Our testers were surprised checking how lightweight these shoes are and if you run heavy miles, they can do wonders in the breathability department, male runners especially need this, so that’s one more reason Adrenaline is perfect for you. Only the issue most of our wide foot testers informed was the narrow size, for which, we would advise you to go for a wider version if you belong to the wide foot family.

Best Running Shoes for Women with Shin Splints

Hoka One One Clifton 8

  • ✔️ Responsive midsole
  • ✔️ Smooth transition
  • ✔️ Super lightweight
  • ❌ Non-durable sole

Whom is it best for?
They are perfect running shoes for runners seeking a go-to shoe for running, walking, and hanging around.

Hoke One One is known for well-framed and supportive shoes that do a good job cradling the foot deeper in the midsole. If you are suffering from Shin Splints pain, look no further than Clifton 8 by Hoka One One.

We chose this one best because of their plush full-length & low-density EVA foam midsole cushioning that absorbs shocks and decreases the pressure under the heel and ball of the foot. If weight is your concern, thanks to the EVA midsole foam again that these shoes are lightweight also.

Furthermore, their perfect blend of breathability, support, and stability impressed our testers too. However, they may look ugly or chunky, so if you prefer running style over substance, you may find them boring.

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints and Flat Feet

Asics Gel Kayano 28

  • ✔️ Super breathable
  • ✔️ Ground feel
  • ✔️ Absorbs shocks
  • ❌ Pricey

Whom is it best for?
It is recommended for runners who prefer a plush feeling, soft cushioning, and reliable support. It is perfect for long runs, tempo runs and recovery runs with ease.

In general, a normal foot experiences a pressure 1.5 times body weight when in contact with the ground, while people with flat feet runners feel more fatigued because of the problem of shock absorption.

So, if you are a flat foot runner suffering from shin splints, you need a shock absorption shoe with a good amount of cushioning. Such a good pair of shoes for this case is Gel Kayano 28 from Asics.

It is hands down ideal running and walking shoes for people with low-arches seeking stability and motion control. It is filled with Asics gel cushioning in the rear and forefoot that absorbs shock and provides support. We appreciate the lightweight and breathability they offer.

Furthermore, the shoe features ASICS updated Trusstic system to deliver a gender-specific feel and support. The men's one provides greater arch support while the system in women’s one uses softer foam composition to better support forward motion, which makes the shoe overall best for both genders. Highly recommended.

Best Walking Shoes for Shin Splints

Hoka One One Arahi 6

  • ✔️ Super lightweight
  • ✔️ Very stable
  • ✔️ Responsive ride
  • ❌ A bit slow

Whom is it best for?
Moderate to severe overpronators will love the shoe as a reliable everyday go-to walk shoe. This plantar fasciitis shoes for walking is also ideal for long runs, half/full marathons, but they do not run too fast for your race day.

If you are suffering from shin splints with a history of plantar fasciitis, you need extra cushioning in your running shoes to relieve pain and to get your feet into a good to go walk shoe with extra amount of support. One such pair of shoes that ticks all the boxes is the Arahi 6 by Hoke One One. We chose them for the test after getting to know that this pair of shoes has been proving to help runners getting rid of plantar pain.

With Hoka’s signature lightweight EVA cushioning (motion controlling) which is ideal for shin splints, Arahi 6 provides a nice combo of balance, stability, responsiveness, and comfort. So, if you want a comfortable, lightweight yet breathable mesh upper, and well-stabled shoe, this one is something you must check out.

Best Sneakers for Shin Splints

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

  • ✔️ Premium materials
  • ✔️ No-sew overlays
  • ✔️ Very stable
  • ❌ Poor lacings-system

Whom is it best for?
If you are someone looking for something with traditional stability and a modern look & a good value for money type of running shoe, then this is for you.

When the patella moves out of alignment during running, the cartilage beneath it becomes irritated and causes a twinge of knee pain when you run. Inward rolling of the knees causes pain in shins, hips, feet, and runners back.

If you are not fitted with the best running shoes for shin splints and knee pain, it would keep you from running. For this, you need to consider a good stability shoe like New Balance 1080v11. This New Balance stability shoe is a solid stability shoe that has ample cushioning, arch support, and comfort that keep your knees from turning inwards.

5 Best Running Shoes to Prevent Shin Splints

Best Brooks for Shin Splints: Brooks Ghost 14

  • ✔️ Diabetic shoe
  • ✔️ Neutral support
  • ✔️ Softness underfoot
  • ✔️ Shock absorber
  • ❌ Not much wide

Whom is it best for?
Recommended for people looking for smooth ride, support and cushioning under the foot. Ideal for the road running, cross trainers, and daily workout users.

Brooks Ghost 14, is a neutral shoeperfect as an everyday trainer with enough quickness for racing. In addition to the signature smooth ride Brooks has added an adjustable saddle. The Brooks Ghost 14 Shoe is lighter than earlier models and the upper is soft and seamless. When you combine all this features you have a shoe soft and structured enough for splints. The consistent, hard-to-lace footwear is packed full with soft padding and an easy-to-wear lining.

PROS: The perfect fitting solution for runners to dress based on what they want in order for the quickest delivery of their best fit – loose or strong as the runner wishes. It's comfortable and very convenient to carry the Ghost 14 for runners.

Best Support for Shin Splints: Saucony Triumph 19

  • ✔️ Good cushioning
  • ✔️ Optimize breathability
  • ✔️ Thinner internal construction
  • ❌ Poor lacings-system

Whom is it best for?
Recommended for people who need continuous cushioning on a longer miles with right amount of softness. Good for small foot due to thinner space technology.

Sauconcy's Triumph builds on its finest characteristics as an everyday trainer while lightening up the shoe and improving overall fit. PWRRUN foam in the footbed provides extra traction as the ride remains snappy and allows for easy acceleration. FIT forms a shoe upper whose style replacement is ISO lacing.

The latest models contain it in all three variants. The tri-flex outsole provides a natural running feel and wider toe box on the model as well as the Tri-flex outsole. The Triumph 19 is still quick and lightweight and lighter, most cushioned saucony shoes. But not really much have changed between the Triumph 19 model and previous models. The new upper firmly holds your feet to help prevent shin splints and support your joints.

Most Lightweight Shoe: Adidas Adizero Boston 10

  • ✔️ Comfortable sole
  • ✔️ Unique design
  • ✔️ Lightweight
  • ❌ Fit too small

Whom is it best for?
Recommended for daily trainer/tempo racers. Great shoe for runners who are seeking extra stability due to its lightweight.

Adizero Boost is light, smooth and comfortable. Wide toe box helps your feet spread out and make running easier naturally. The ultra light and compact mesh is comfortable with numbness but also provides supple padding. Cushion is also responsive. It is usually narrower for large feet. This can be more protective as well as helping the elimination of shin splints. The Adidas iconic Three-Stripes Designs also got top points for glamor in The Adidas iconic design . The shoe features superior midsole cushioning and keeps you comfortable on even further runs. It is built with air mesh, textile and synthetic materials and comes with a rubber sole.

Best Running Shoes for Calf Strain: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

  • ✔️ Maximum support
  • ✔️ Extremely comfortable
  • ✔️ Diabetic certified shoe
  • ✔️ Roomier inside
  • ❌ A little bulky

Whom is it best for?
Ideal for both runners and walkers. Great for people who are looking comfort or pain relief. Ideal shoes for people with bad knees issue.

The Adrenaline GTS comes in regular and wide widths (including extra wide toe box) Comes in many sizes and is usually narrow when you need a looser fit. The diagonal rollbar aids in limiting pronation and promotes smooth transitions. This best cushioned running shoes for shin splints midsole offers comfortable riding comfort. The Adrenaline GTS is lightweight comfortable and stable to maintain proper form and prevent shin-splints. They come in large widths or narrow lengths so this is good to do for many who have extra room to accommodate large feet or orthotics. They are lightweight and comfy and they will quickly and easily wear out. Available at Brooks's website.

Best Asics Shoes for Shin Splints: ASICS Gel Nimbus 24

  • ✔️ GEL Technology Cushioning System
  • ✔️ Supreme bounce
  • ✔️ Lightweight AHAR Outsole
  • ✔️ Good breathability
  • ✔️ Appealing design
  • ❌ Toe box higher
  • ❌ Bit longer in length

Whom is it best for?
Ideal for long distance running, for trail runner, workout or gym, daily use.

Asics GEL Nimbus shoes have been widely praised for being flexible upper yet comfortable. The cushioning system at the backfoot and forefoot helps absorb shock. Impact Guidance System Technology is designed to improve the natural gait of runners. This can be of immense benefit to runners of these shin splints because of the bad running technique of them. The sneakers utilize FlyteFoam midsole technology which enhances comfort while the heel counter provides additional heel support. The Nimbus are a strong shoes that feel good straight from the box. Run broad for narrow legs.


Running shoes can play a significant role in running through shin splints and preventing it to an extent. If chosen right, your running shoe can make things better by taking some of the pressure off your shins. However, ill-fitting or worn-out shoes can worsen the game.

This article covers tried and tested shoes that are highly recommended for runners with shin splints with a variety of combinations and situations, so you can find the right one according to your needs.

Most of the cases can be treated with rest, ice, over-the-counter medicines, modifying your exercise routine, and wearing proper footwear, which preventing shin splints from recurring, while no shoe can prevent shin splint entirely, finding the right shoe can help.

However, if these ways are not doing any good, it’s time to better see wear doctor recommended shoes for shin splints.

How do I prevent shin splints while running?

A more cushioned shoe or changing your running form from being a heel-striker to landing on your feet' ball will assist in preventing shin or avoid shin splints. Compression socks increase circulation of circulation to the thigh muscle. The ability to cover shin splints can also help minimize them. Some runners also like to use them while running though some like to only use them when they're out of sight they can't stop shin splintions. It means that the chance of feeling painful discomfort decreases as your body becomes less damaged.

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Running on hard or inclined surfaces can put added strain on your front leg muscles resulting in serious leg pain. So, you better avoid running on surfaces like so.
Nike Air Max 360, Nike Renew in Season T-R 10, and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 are some of the proven Nike running shoe for shin splints and Nike flat feet runners.
List some tips on what is wrong with shin splint.
- Wear shin splints with high arches running shoes support.
- Wear shock absorbor insole. Please don't work any hard floors.
- Stretch correctly before exercise.
- Perform strength training, especially toe exercises building calf muscles.
- Develop the muscles in the shins.
Shin splints are a common injury especially for those who run and quickly increase their activity levels. Wearing shoes which provide optimal comfort can prevent shin splints.
Shin splints are not always the result of improper shoe. They can often cause injury if over done it in poor shoes or a change in surfaces. ... A new pair of running shoes will have a good degree of shock absorbing in them and reduce the pressure and aggravation on the lower leg that causes shin pain.