7 Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet in 2024

Last Updated: January 01, 2024 | Author: Dr. Benjamin Wallace

Choosing the wrong running shoe can cost your foot and your wallet, making running a nightmare for runners. Wide foot runners have their unique needs and preferences to look in a running shoe and a little bit of research is all it takes.

Well, if you’re one of those wide-footed Cinderella’s sisters—or brothers who can’t be squished into those regular sized width shoe, you have landed in the right place.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38
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Altra Paradigm 4.5
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Brooks Beast 20
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This article covers a bunch of high-performance and best-rated (our own tried and tested) wide running shoes with pros, cons, and everything in between to help you find yourself the best match, no matter pavement or train.

Hold our hands and get ready to wipe your tears!

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet - Content

Best Nike for Wide Feet Women and Men

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

  • ✔️ Very versatile
  • ✔️ Super comfy
  • ✔️ Solid traction
  • ❌ Poor heel counter

Whom is it best for?
It is a perfect Nike wide feet road running shoe for beginners and pros alike from low-paced to high-speed runs, everyday training to long-distance runs.

Nike makes the best on planet running shoes and there is no doubt! However, the reason we chose Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 best for both genders is the runner’s informed-update in one model that is different and tailor-fitted to the unique needs of male and female runners. Wide, extra wide and even regular footed runners (male and females) can now enjoy stiffness, Air Units, and stuff according to their unique preferences. This shoe features as an ideal flat feet support by Nike to the runners who wanted to prevent injuries.

This is one of the highest-rated running Nike shoe models in the market so if you’re one of those Nike geeks, this one is for you!

Best Shoes for Wide Feet Womens

New Balance 1080 V11

  • ✔️ Well-cushioned
  • ✔️ Lightweight
  • ✔️ Wider options
  • ❌ Non-Durable outsole
  • ❌ Bit expensive

Whom is it best for?
This is best for runners looking for a well-cushioned neutral running shoe for long runs, recovery runs, daily training, and even for trail runs.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 is the newest improvement in the 1080 family with breathable knit upper, updated with more comfort. It is designed by the company to be cushioned yet responsive, light but durable, providing more or less everything that most runners want in a shoe with wider sizes to accommodate wider and extra-wide feet.

One of the best things about wide plantar fasciitis shoes is their wide fits are often a little deeper than other wide fits so they give you a bit more space between the insole and the engineered mesh upper creating more volume for your foot.

Moreover, the mesh upper is stretchy and it’ll stretch where you need it providing a comfortable fit. In terms of performance and feel, if we’re to wrap up the shoe in a statement, we would say a super comfortable, plush shoe that offers a smooth yet responsive ride. The only thing that disappoints is the outsole that wears so quickly.

Best Running Shoes for Men with Wide Feet

Brooks Ghost 14

  • ✔️ Well-cushioned
  • ✔️ Solid grip
  • ✔️ Uber comfy
  • ❌ Not rain-ready

Whom is it best for?
This shoe is an ideal choice for wide feet and neutral runners seeking a well-cushioned but lightweight running shoe for a nice deal of money.

If we can pick a wide running shoe that is so rough and tough, versatile, well priced, and stellar in performance, that has to be Brooks Ghost 14. The standout feature for wide feet male runners that we picked this one best for them is the great selection of wide widths + the right amount of stability that you can barely get with wider sizes.

These Brooks wide running shoes are made with high-quality materials, offer enough foam cushioning with DNA Loft midsole feature that runners need for heavy miles but without the bulk plus the responsiveness is enough to help you get through your tempo runs.

Moreover, you have the option to choose from a range of nice color ways.

Super recommended!

Best Running Shoe With Wide Toe Box

Altra Paradigm 4.5

  • ✔️ Wide toe box
  • ✔️ Well-cushioned
  • ✔️ Great energy return
  • ❌ Bit expensive
  • ❌ Tight midfoot

Whom is it best for?
This is an ideal choice for runners looking for a well-cushioned zero drop running shoes (and those who have a little patience to adapt to this combination) + heavy or big runners with wide feet.

Running put shocks (weighing more than your total body weight) on your joints and if you are north of some 200lbs, you are putting yourself to harm, but no fret because a well-cushioned and shock-absorbing running shoe can do the right job for you. If you are a heavy runner with wide feet, we’d recommend checking Paradigm 4.5 running shoes by Altra.

The reason we chose them best is that they are a perfect package of max cushioning, high mileage, high energy return, great stability, astounding ability to absorb shocks plus enough room to accommodate your wide feet. It is a daily trainer infused with lots of technology to keep you going. The only thing that kind of sucks is the heavyweight, which is obvious in most well-cushioned, and shock absorbers monster kind of shoes, so, if this is not a big deal for you, go for it ya’ sweets!

If you have flat feet as well, you can check out Brooks Beast 20.

Best Running Shoes for Wide Flat Feet

Brooks Beast 20

  • ✔️ Soft cushioning
  • ✔️ Wide forefoot
  • ✔️ Breathable upper
  • ❌ Catches debris

Whom is it best for?
Brooks Beast 20 is perfect for most long-distance runners, especially heavy runners with low to zero arched feet, looking for stability running shoes that offer great support.

If you are a flat feet runner who likes lightweight cushioning and extra midfoot support with forefoot width, you need to check out Beast 20 by Brooks because they have wider and extra-wide sizes available.

The reason we call them best running shoes for wide feet + low arch support is them being a heavy-duty running shoe, updated with extra stability, a wider platform that has been helping so many flat feet runners. It sits on a straighter last, which makes flat-foot/low-arched runners connected to the dedicated midsole more than the upper.

Moreover, our testers liked the lightweight Beast feel, thanks to Brooks Guiderail technology that they are updated with, which makes these shoes lightest among the Beast family.

The only flaw was the outsole that invites debris to lick your foot.

Best Trail Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Hoka One One SpeedGoat 4

  • ✔️ Max cushioning
  • ✔️ Protective
  • ✔️ Excellent grip
  • ❌ Less stable

Whom is it best for?
For trail runner looking for a set of shoes for daily training on moderate to technical trails or for hiking, the Speedgoat 4 is an excellent choice as trail running shoe.

There is no doubt Hoke One One SpeedGoat 4 is well known and has been a top pick among ultra-runners trail runners across the globe, plus it comes in both regular width shoes, wider versions and D width for womens, so this has to be the best trail running shoe for wide feet runners.

Hoka made this well-cushioned shoe mainly for trail runners, but the perfect features it is packed with make the shoe an exceptional all-rounder. It features Hoka’s signature soft yet cushy midsole, an ideal balance of foot protection, comfort, breathability, weight, grip, and energy return.

The best thing after cushioning and soft midsole that runners appreciate about it is the outsole traction, which is built for long-distance trail runs and to offer the perfect grip for hiking.

If you want a super stable shoe, this one might fail to impress you, but overall, it is a nice and comfy package.

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet High Arches

Asics Gel Nimbus 23

  • ✔️ Excellent energy return
  • ✔️ Stable ride
  • ✔️ Plush upper
  • ❌ Bit heavy
  • ❌ Not versatile
  • ❌ Runs slow

Whom is it best for?
This high arch running shoe is not a fast-paced running shoe for all-out racing, but for runners with goals to finish a half marathon training or marathon comfortably with a special support through gait cycle, this best cushioned running shoes for heavy runners is a nice option to check out. It can be a good option for long-distance and everyday runs.


Wide feet runners need to make a well-informed decision when buying a running shoe. There is no one-shoe-fits-all thing and going for whatever has hype can cost you.

A well-fitting shoe can make the ride much better and can help prevent injuries and other foot issues that can make running a chore, instead of something you look forward to every day.

This article covers a range of best-rated, tried, and tested high performance features running shoes from top popular brands, suitable for wide feet runners with a variety of preferences.

You just gotta know your preferences and pick the right running shoe!

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