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Last Updated: October 06, 2022

Nike is a market leader when it comes to Nike running shoes for Women and Men. But always excel when we talk about the best Nike running shoes for men. With unbeatable quality and never ending innovation, the company has a history of competitive forces threatening to upstage, but Nike never failed to outnumber its rivals.

The end result has always been and will be outstanding products that people love splurging on and on—cuz bruh, quality speaks! You can expect innovatively designed products that not only look attractive but include athlete-informed improvements that enable runners to improve their running efficiency.

Best Nike Running Shoes for Men - Content

Oh, once you’re here, stop scratching your head and leave it to me to find the right Nike shoe for your foot. 

Wearing the right pair of running shoes is key to keeping your joints and muscles healthy when you embark on a run. Among a pool of options, lemme find the right fit for the style you run in.

Best Nike Shoes For Heels

Best Nike Running Shoes For Heavy Men

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

  • ✔️ Lightweight & breathable
  • ✔️ Zoom Air foam – From forefoot to heel
  • ✔️ Supportive
  • ❌ Thin tongue
  • ❌ Bit stiffer sole

Runners come in all shapes and sizes! If you belong to the big-dude fam, running is just your thinggy! But bruh, those hurting knees, swollen feet, and winded moments aren’t meant for you at all—Don’t believe me? Go ask “Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38”! Being the Best Nike running shoes for overweight men, it’s a gear that claps a cushion with support…one that is capable of handling your body weight over hundreds of miles. The moment you will notice something pushing your forward as you break the will love this lightweight shoe even more, which not only protect your feet but also provide major support to your knees and therefore you can count as best shoe for knee pain.

Best Nike Men’s Running Shoes For Supination

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

  • ✔️ Protective
  • ✔️ Comfortable
  • ✔️ Well-cushioned
  • ❌ Uncomfortable collar

Want electrifying feels to your feet without the fear of injury? Put your foot in Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2! If you supinate while running, you need a shoe with extra cushioning and padding on the lateral (outside) side of the midsole to ease with the weight distribution of the foot. This best cushioned running shoes for men not only does this to you but also provides amazing shock-absorption which further reduces the chances of stress-related injuries.

Best Nike Running Shoes For Wide Feet Men

Nike Free RN 5.0

  • ✔️ Wide base
  • ✔️ Stable ride
  • ✔️ Responsive cushioning
  • ❌ Less Versatile

Poor-fitting running shoes are a primary contributor to foot and ankle injury and can exacerbate many common health conditions. Well, to Nike “Better fit means better performance!” For wider feet, the brand has an array of options to fit. With a plush ventilated design and ample of cushioning, Nike Free RN 5.0 Running Shoe spoils runners with wide and extra wide widths.

Best Nike Running Shoes For Men For Plantar Fasciitis

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24

  • ✔️ Great for Plantar Fasciitis
  • ✔️ Stable heel counter
  • ✔️ Well-cushioned
  • ❌ Not durable

People with Plantar Fasciitis need extra cushioning in their running shoes to relieve pain and for support. Well, there is a lightweight Nike support best mens shoes for plantar fasciitis that looks fast and feels secure—Say Howdy to “Air Zoom Structure 24!!”

With engineered mesh, a heel overlay, and dynamic support throughout the midfoot, you get a cushy shoe that provides a smooth, stable ride. So, if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis or looking to increase your miles, dude, it’s time to go “Black shoe black shoe change your shoe”!

Best Nike Running Shoes For Flat Feet Men

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16

  • ✔️ Lightweight
  • ✔️ Perfect arch support
  • ✔️ Springy cushioning
  • ❌ Squishy heels

When it comes to actual comfort for the one’s who are having flat feet, being in the miserable pain due to it, then Nike always come with total comfort level for them. And so We have done our part by conducting latest research on it and come across the latest edition of 12 ideal Nike running shoes for flat feet heels only.

Experts in the field of sports injury instruct flat feet runners to go for a firm yet supportive shoe that keeps their arches in check. With a firmer midsole in the arch side & a lighter foam on the outside, Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 sounds speaking to the needs of flat feet runners. This mens high arch support shoes maximizes shock absorption, minimizes the effects of overpronation, and keeps you going comfortably.

Nike Men's Long Distance Shoes

No matter how enthusiastic you are, running shoes can make or break the game. When it comes to Nike, it always surprises such enthusiast by providing an increase level of speed in their long-run. Nike’s latest edition of 18 Ideal Nike distance and Martathon shoes can be fit for your road to trail and marathon need.

Here is what you must look at when buying yourself a professional running shoe.

Best Men’s Nike Running Shoe For Long Distance + Marathons

Nike Flex Experience Run 10

  • ✔️ Highly cushioned
  • ✔️ Rebounding energy
  • ❌ Pricey

This one’s hands down the future of marathon runners. Thanks to Nike’s technology (carbon fiber plate) you will get a shoe that is made to break the records of FAST! Known and loved globally for the energy they get to your foot when you stride, you will notice a spirit pushing you forward and faster while giving your foot a nice cushy massage. Around two hundred and fifty bucks may blow your top but bruh, when the price tag says $250, they mean it!

Best Nike Trail Running Shoes For Men

Nike Wildhorse 7

  • ✔️ Bouncier ride
  • ✔️ Integrated gaiters
  • ❌ Not so lightweight
  • ❌ A bit unstable

Built to keep you rocking through roads & terrains, meet Nike’s trail-oriented bombshell “The Wildhorse 7”. It’s a perfect lightweight trail shoe that offers amazing traction while taking care of the comfort of your shoe. There may be random shit, there may be so much heat…this shoe does wonders to combat moisture and blisters, giving your ankles a nice tight hug when you run. So if you’re looking for the best Nike Running shoes for men on the trail, make your purchase of 130 bucks be your pride.

Best Winter Nike Shoes

With seasons caging you to stick only to the treadmill, one right pair of shoes can blow a new life to your running routine…Cuz Nike, my buddy has a shoe for every season.

Best Men’s Nike Running Shoes For Winter

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

  • ✔️ Cushioned ride
  • ✔️ Smooth interior
  • ❌ Not versatile

From dog days of summer to snowstorms, this versatile shoe is made to keep you perfect YOU! Fueled with marathon mileage and charged with speed, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 is made to conquer cold routes. Combined with an outsole that gives optimal grip on wet surfaces, there is a water repellent upper made to keep the harshness of the weather away from flirting with your foot. For letting you run in confidence despite the weather, there is a sticky rubber that provides an amazing grip. Moreover, there is a mesh material inside that gives you a sock-like fit. So, if you’re buckling down for a run in a country that takes winters seriously—you know what I will say next!!

Best Workout Nike Shoes

Why carry a bunch of shoes for different situations? With Nike running shoes being super versatile, you can expect the best of both worlds!

Best Men’s Nike Shoes For Running And Lifting

Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

  • ✔️ Breathable
  • ✔️ Versatile
  • ✔️ Nice bounce
  • ❌ Not so durable

Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 is made to give a kick to your ordinary workout days so you can perform on the road with a blast. With these training shoe on, you can jump, squat, run or plank without having your foot to cry…cuz dude, some thick padding is there to brace them for impact. With the shape of the outsole supporting your sideways movement, there is a soft mesh breathable that moves with you throughout each exercise. Finally, enjoy stability and traction with rubber built into the sole in high-wear places that work well both in the gym and on the road. So, if you don’t want to carry around a bunch of shoes for everything running, just invest in this shoe and you’re good to go!

Best Cheap Men's Nike Running Shoes

People love Nike and so does the brand! There is a shoe for every budget, style, and preference. Come let’s check some cool options according to your taste.

Best Affordable Nike Running Shoes

The perks of this ultimate low-maintenance sport are that it doesn’t require a dozen of equipment. All you need is the open road, a pair of working legs, and some shoes on your feet. However, the only gear it takes can break your bank!!

Been there, don’t that brother, I feel you! Well, there are a bunch of best budget Nike running shoes that you can check out if you’re tied to a budget.

Best Looking Nike Shoes

Best Looking Nike Men’s Running Shoes

Nike Air Max Torch 3

  • ✔️ Cushioned
  • ✔️ Smooth ride
  • ✔️ Cool looking
  • ❌ Not recommended for winter

With perfect profile and silhouette, Nike has painted their original Men's Air Max Torch 3 with awesomeness. You can expect this pretty looking shoe to perform like a beast when in action on the road. There is a lightweight Downshifter upper that conforms to your foot with a minimal, supportive design. Being soft and responsive, Nike Air Max technology in the underfoot accommodates comfort no matter how long you run. With every step, Nike’s bomb-ass react foam response to your foot by snapping back. The more energy your steps kick, the more you get in return.

Holy moly! Ain’t anything cooler?

Best Nike Men’s Running Shoes To Wear With Jeans

Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature

  • ✔️ A dozen color-range
  • ✔️ Soft, foamy strides
  • ❌ Gets wet quick
  • ❌ Not durable

Athleisure-Athleisure, haan? Sir, your wardrobe is screeching for being kicked by Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature. It’s a shoe that can spice up your look as well as the performance with a bang. It’s a minimalist, lightweight running shoe, perfect to complement your everyday jeans. When it comes to neutral color selection, Nike spoils runners with choices…Just hit your favorite combo and throw it into your capsule wardrobe.

Most Selling Men's Nike Shoes

Runners globally are breaking the records with their Nike shoes on. Come lets’ check out what most runners prefer running in.

Best Running And Highest Rated Nike Men’s Running Shoes

The following are the best running selling shoes dudes love from Nike.

Men’s Trail Running Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

  • ✔️ Specifically tuned for males
  • ✔️ Cushioned ride
  • ✔️ Responsive forefoot
  • ✔️ Outsole traction
  • ❌ Not so versatile
  • ❌ A bit narrow toe box

Built with innovative forefoot cushioning unit & foam for max responsiveness, this one has fit and feel runners love.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

  • ✔️ Protective
  • ✔️ Comfortable
  • ✔️ Well-cushioned
  • ❌ Uncomfortable collar

With max foam and cushioning, The Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 offers versatility for the everyday runner.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

  • ✔️ Responsive forefoot
  • ✔️ Extremely bouncy
  • ✔️ Not so heavy
  • ❌ A bit pricey

Built with a fusion of durability and design, Nike Air VaporMax Plus is a racer-cum-trainer shoe that pushes you towards your personal best.

Best Stability Nike Shoes

Stability running shoes combine comfort and support that delivers a reliable ride. Check out what’s best in the store if you’re after stability.

Best Nike Stability Running Shoes For Men

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

  • ✔️ Perfect stability
  • ✔️ Well-cushioned
  • ✔️ Supportive
  • ❌ Gets worn quick

Purposely made for runners who overpronate (mildly or moderately) while running, stability running shoes are shoes with supportive features in the midsole, specifically under the arch area. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is a perfect pair of stability shoes that’s made to impress. Built with mesh upper, heel overlay, and noticeable dynamic support throughout the midfoot you get a shoe that provides a smooth and stable ride.


All it takes for running is a bombastic pair of shoes that brings energy return and supports your move. Nothing beats Nike when it comes to quality, designs, functionality, and performance. With a wide range of options to choose from, the brand offers a worth-going-for lineage of sports shoes for every track, needs, and situations. Runners of all levels are seemingly finding themselves running faster wearing Nike’s advanced running shoe technology on the road. So, if you want to dominate your run, know your foot and your needs and find the right fit for you through this detailed guide of best Nike running shoes for men.

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Well, it depends on the style you run, the stuff you prefer. One piece of gear can not work for everyone. Check out my guide and find out what’s the best Nike running shoe for you.

Other Nike Shoes are: Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7, Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit shoe

The whole of the Zoom Air Family from Nike is oh-so-popular globally. Nike constantly introduces new technologies and with them, new names and classification...cuz bro, people love’em.
It is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38! If you belong to the big-dude fam, you gotta check it out.
A perfect running shoe is one that should wrap comfortably around your foot, should not pinch or feel sloppy, and your foot should be centered on the platform of the shoe. One that energizes your strides and wicks away heat and moisture during the run. Good for you is to know that offers free trials of as many shoes you want to try on. So just be confident to shop until the shoe that’s made for you hugs your foot.
Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 is the best stability running shoe for men who need mild to moderate pronation support. With nic and cushy support, the shoe is designed to halt the runner's pronation speed in a completely natural way.