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Last Updated: October 05, 2022

Do you wanna run-off those squish-squish sounds following your strides? Are your shoes keeping you off meeting your running goals? Well, it’s time to be in the right propulsive shoes!

There is nothing more important for a die-heart runner to a good run than a pair of best Nike long distance running shoes—don’t trust me? Go ask Geoffrey Kamworor!

Having the right pair of running shoes is kind of like keeping a friend. You get to know if they have your back as you spend time. Similarly, the point you actually understand how reliable is your shoe is your experience over the hundreds of miles you’ll take them on. When it comes to all that it takes, it is enough to say that best Nike’s long distance running shoes are making runners break world records. So whether you’re a beginner, endurance monster, or a combo runner lacing up for some serious miles…I have my hand on your heartbeat, listening to your needs!! Find out what you should consider investing in to ease out your miles.

best nike long distance running shoes

What to look for?

Long-distance running shoes require ticking the following boxes:

  • Must be lightweight
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Must be comfortable
  • Don’t let your foot marinating in sweats
  • Has some amazing speed to break the ground (if its a speed run)

Things to remember:

Replace running shoes once they’ve covered 400 to 500 miles.

Always be in a new or slightly used pair of shoes for a marathon.

Best Nike Shoes For Marathon Running

Best Nike Marathon Running Shoes

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2

  • ✔️ Super comfortable
  • ✔️ Fits like envelop
  • ✔️ Superfast in action
  • ❌ A bit too pricey

Now, this one is a heaven bombshell guysss..the obvious thingy so far!! A set of shoes that has broken world records and made running associations rethink their rules. Well, not as high as breaking world records, if you wanna clear your path to personal records in speed—Lace these up my darling! The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2 is designed to outshine every running shoe on the planet that’s fast. This monster is the future of running because the hype is so real. Thanks to the updated ZoomX foam and the full length carbon fiber plate embedded in the midsole, you get a shoe that is lightweight, comfortable, faster than superman, extremely cushioned and so good looking. 250 bucks are some serious shit if you ask me, but honey, this durable shoe makes each of you penny count!

Best Nike Cross Country Running Shoes

Best Nike Training Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

  • ✔️ Solid traction
  • ✔️ Not so heavy
  • ✔️ Very comfortable
  • ❌ Average heel grip

With Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 on your side, harsh weather has no right to make you stick to your treadmill. Winter is nice weather to run because you have less stress on your body, and your heart rate stays normal than in warmer weather, but when you look at your feet, you gotta frustrate no more. With enough cushioning to keep you warm,Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 has a water-repellent design that keeps you dry every mile. With storm-tread outsole delivers tire-inspired grip on slick streets during wet weather. It is super lightweight, super warm in cold weather, perfectly ventilated, fused with the goodness of Nike React technology that makes the shoe more powerful.

Best Long Distance Trail Running Shoes

Nike Pegasus Trail 3

  • ✔️ Solid traction
  • ✔️ Very comfortable
  • ✔️ Nice color range
  • ❌ Bit chunky look

Same as on the road, you need some serious shoes on the trail when it’s freezing outside. Nike Pegasus long distance puts its hands on your heartbeat when the chilly weather makes you hibernate at home, making you walk behind your running goals. Meet Nike Pegasus Trail 3! This distance running shoe with waterproof support is purposely designed to give you unbeatable tracking in cold weather. The upper features GORE-TEX Invisible Fit technology, delivering waterproof protection without sacrificing fit or feel. While Nike React foam midsole provides cushioned responsiveness for smooth transitions even over rocky terrains.

Best Long Distance Running Shoes For Women

Men and women have different heel sizes, foot shapes, and Q-angles between their quad muscles and knee caps, which causes women to have larger hips. Pronation occurs as a result, which requires a different type of cushioning for women’s shoes compared to men’s. If you’re a female runner with zero to low arched feet, given below are your performance boosters on heavy miles whether you’re on a road, trail, or on a tractor field.

Best Women's Marathon Running Shoes

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

  • ✔️ Best for slow runs
  • ✔️ Spacious forefoot
  • ❌ Not lightweight
  • ❌ Less-fitting heels

The long-run is a staple in almost every runner’s weekly training schedule. Women’s shoes are wider in the forefoot and toe and narrower towards the heel, which requires female runners to opt for a shoe that has more shock-absorbing cushions. Moreover, long runs require shoes with medium to low effort, one that can absorb lots of impacts and wicks away moisture…Well, nothing fits the bill as perfect as Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2! This soft and springy shoe is the most cushioned shoe in Nike’s lineage of running shoes, these best running shoes for bad knees designed to eat up lots of impacts to help you keep going.

Marathon Running Shoes Women

Nike Air Zoom WildHorse 7

  • ✔️ Integrated gaiters️
  • ✔️ Perf. underfoot-protection
  • ✔️ Cool outsole grip
  • ❌ Not so stable

For making those easy-long trail runs easier on your legs, you need to be in a pair of comfortable and soft-cushioned shoes with great traction. Offering protection, serious grip, amazing sturdiness, and oh-so-plush cushioning, this best nike cushioned running shoes has got you covered over rough terrain. With excellent breathability, abrasion-resistant materials in the forefoot and heel, and built-in gaiters, you gotta enjoy a fuss-free ride that is comfortable to go. While easy on and off, woven heels and a pretty are some cherries on top

Top Nike Marathon Shoes

Nike Legend Essential 2

  • ✔️ Lightweight shoes
  • ✔️ Stable shoes
  • ✔️ Stretchable toe box
  • ❌ Gets too wide

The long-distance speed runs/tempo runs should simulate a race-like effort so it is important to wear shoes that give a race-like-feel. You need a lightweight shoe with slightly more cushioning, more structure, one that has excellent strike support and stability, and a wider or stretchable toe box to accommodate any swelling during the run. This mush cushioning—you might be thinking of a shoe which is chunky? Not at all, says Nike Legend Essential 2! With amazing structure, stretch ability, and comfort, this lightweight shoe is something pro runners can swear by. Try them on and experience revolutionary responsiveness and speed.

Long Distance Trail Running Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Terra Kiger 7

  • ✔️ Amazing traction
  • ✔️ Solid protection
  • ✔️ Versatile shoes
  • ❌ Catches debris

Trail tempos/speed training holds many of the same principles as road tempos, but with a fuss. You need a trail shoe that is lightweight, protective, perfectly rugged, ventilated, well-cushioned, responsive and has some speed. With amazing powers to keep you going no matter if it’s crazy wet or dog-hot outside, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Terra Kiger 7 is your champ. This lightweight shoe features a sleeker look with a woven heel for a secure fit and feel. While the bed of Nike React cushioning technology inside delivers a smooth and responsive ride. Moreover, you have multidirectional traction lugs made from high-abrasion rubber that gives outstanding traction even on wet surfaces.

Stability Marathon Shoes

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

  • ✔️ Responsive forefoot
  • ✔️ Extremely bouncy
  • ✔️ Not so heavy
  • ❌ A bit pricey

Lacing up your Nike flat feet for long runs? Suffer no more says Nike ZoomX Invincible Run! Flat-footed people need long-distance running shoes which give them a stable feel + guard against extra motions that can cause injury. Nike ZoomX Invincible Run is a stability trainer that is built like a racer—so tough! This is an outcome of data collected from hundreds of pro-runners which make the shoe more stable, protective, comfortable, and responsive. Getting a look of fast with its high-tenacity Flyknit and synthetic upper, this shoe protects your foot as if your mommy cupping her hands around.

Best Marathon Training Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24

  • ✔️ Absorbs shocks
  • ✔️ Sturdy and durable
  • ✔️ Stable platform
  • ❌ Less versatile

Before that big day, you will take on different training such as longer-but-slower, and shorter but faster…here, I am talking about slow but high mileage training runs…where you need comfort and potential, more than pace. With amazing breathability, comfort, and support, Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 is ready to get you through your neutral paced long-distance runs. Enjoy a plush feeling as you hit the ground with woven heels keeping your foot in place. Built with a plush, well-fitting upper, a super durable outsole, and a soft midsole with deep cushioning, this true working horse offers great traction and is super durable.

Cheap Long Distance Running Shoes

Nike Winflo 8

  • ✔️ Well-cushioned shoe
  • ✔️ Neutral shoe
  • ✔️ Very comfortable
  • ❌ Not super durable
  • ❌ Lack of shock-responsiveness

One of the perks of this pocket-friendly sport (running) is that it requires nearly no equipment but a pair of shoes…Hey, wait? Why are your eyes tearing up? —Boo, I’ve gotcha!

The only gear it takes, gives a solid punch to the wallet. Well, why buy an expensive set of shoes when you can get almost the same bells and whistles for a fraction of money!! Yeah—Meet the Nike Winflo 8 ya’ honey! For less than a hundred bucks, you get a shoe that offers sugar, spice, and everything nice! It has lightweight ventilation, ample underfoot cushioning, and is super comfortable, secure, durable, and springier.

Holy moly!

Best Long Distance Running Shoes for Men

Men’s running shoes are a bit wider and larger in size than women’s. Midsoles in men’s shoes are kept to sustain 15% more weight than that of women as men have 15% more muscles than women (on average). Furthermore, manufacturers including Nike despite getting the same name for a model of shoes, offer pairs with different midsole materials and heel support for both genders which ultimately affect the fit, comfort style of the shoe.
Dude, if you’re finding the right running shoes for your long-ass runs, dive deep with me.

Best Running Shoes for Half Marathon

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16

  • ✔️ Plush heel cushion
  • ✔️ Super responsive
  • ❌ Minimum forefoot cushioning

Do you brave building endurance? Easy long runs become a piece of cake when you have Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 on! Built with daily training in mind, elite athletics say, “This one breaks the ground when it comes to the best Nike running shoes for long distance at easy-paces. It’s a shoe that takes responsive cushioning to the next level. The blend of a full-length cushioning unit flirting with Nike React midsole technology gives you a shoe that delivers a super snappy and smooth ride. While the fusion of dynamic fit technology, Flywire cables, and soft foams you get an amazing supportive feel in the midfoot.

Best Shoe for Marathon Training

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

  • ✔️ Solid Traction
  • ✔️ Winter-ready shoes
  • ✔️ Well-cushioned shoes
  • ❌ Catches debris

Now this one is so bombs!! One trail shoe that is comfortable, tough, and winter-ready, meet the monster, “The Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7!” Built to take on wet and rocky trails and loaded with the awesomeness of Nike React technology, you will get to try on a shoe that is super responsive and stable. Moreover, being a bed of cushion doesn’t make the shoe feel heavy at all. If you release a bathtub of sweats, this shoe has enough strength to wick away moisture. On trails, there may be random ups and downs and you may have to brave hills, its multi-directional traction lugs are sure to get extreme traction.

Best Nike Shoes for Road Running

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

  • ✔️ Durable midsole
  • ✔️ Comfortable & lightweight
  • ❌ Narrow forefoot

Being an excellent way for runners to build their speed and strength, tempo runs require shoes that are responsive, enough ventilated (especially for men), and have nice speed. With all that it takes, Nike has one of its most loved shoes, the Air Zoom pegasus 38 to tick all the boxes. No matter if you’re a forefoot runner or a heel runner, this versatile shoe offers nice and comfortable cushioning but without the bulk. With these on, you get a nice bouncy ride which is super responsive. Specially tuned for guys, it’s built with air units delivering the right amount of cushioning for men. Run as long as you can, we bet you will fall in love with these durable shoes.

Nike Marathon Training Shoes

Nike Pegasus Trail 3

  • ✔️ Lightweight shoe
  • ✔️ Versatile when in action
  • ❌ Not durable

Whether you’re training for an endurance event or wanna become a faster trail runner overall, you deserve being in the right shoe, and that’s none other than Nike Pegasus Trail 3, a shoe that has helped runners of every level reach their goals. Known for its durability, fit, and responsiveness, it’s a gas pedal that sets you up for your fastest marathon.

Be it a trail run or a combination run, a great option that is ready to tackle both surfaces. Integrated with a perforated mesh upper, there are Zoom Air units underfoot that increase comfort. Unbeatable lungs further provide traction on your uphill climbs…Finally, You get to enjoy a slipper-like comfort, with some fresh air kissing your foot. Oh, and debris…Well, that’s a No-No !!

Best Long Distance Track Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

  • ✔️ Perfect traction
  • ✔️ Anatomical design
  • ❌ Not super durable

If you brave track and field race, you need a shoe that has spikes having subtle differences that will affect your running. Then you field shoes, which also have separate specialties such as jumping and throwing events. Well, Nike merges the goodness of both things in one shoe and that’s Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7. Whether it’s a small run or a long-ass track and field marathon, this shoe is ideal with the stamina to get you through 3k-10k distances. They’re ultra-lightweight, breathable, well-cushioned, and have surface-gripping sharkskin heel pad—Uhmm, pretty much everything you can expect.

Best Long-Distance Stability Shoe

Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next%

  • ✔️ Zero heel slippage
  • ✔️ Durable outsole
  • ❌ A bit pricey
  • ❌ Feels clunky-clunky

Are you running with flat feet? Or maybe struggling to run smoothly? I understand that running with flat feet can really fall short of your running goals. Your feet may absorb the shocks like superheroes but cause them to be more prone to injuries ranging from shin splints to aches. Well, stop living that life & say thanks to Nike's Air Zoom Tempo Next%! This best shin splints shoes for long runs is a perfect stability shoe that keeps you rockin’ through heavy miles. Known for its super responsiveness, this shoe pampers your big foot (males) with Nike ZoomX foam in the foot bed & a visible Zoom Air unit—designed to increase comfort. The ride of these stability running shoes for long runs, I must say is something you will get addicted to..super responsive, super springy, and supportive.

Best Nike Running Shoes For Long Distance Training

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

  • ✔️ Specifically tuned for males
  • ✔️ Cushioned ride
  • ✔️ Responsive forefoot
  • ✔️ Outsole traction
  • ❌ Not so versatile
  • ❌ A bit narrow toe box

Are you ready for a combo of training? Maybe slow but high mileage training or running is your goal…Waste no time and unlock your Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38. If you’re a sucker of Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus series, you will definitely fall in serious love with these shoes. It’s super durable, super lightweight, designed keeping slow but long runs/training in mind. You may be heavy, you may be a forefoot runner, these shoes are so loved even by elite athletes cuz of the support it gives to your foot while absorbing shocks. You will be glad to be in these super responsive shoes (made specially keeping the needs of males in mind) on your run. Try these on and get hooked.

Most Affordable Nike Long Distance Shoe

Nike Zoom Fly 4

  • ✔️ Versatile & comfortable
  • ✔️ Solid traction
  • ✔️ Good looking shoe
  • ❌ Limited color variations

Running with peanuts in your pocket? Nike has your back. Being broke doesn’t mean you cut your wings off my friend!! Give a fits bumpeee to Nike Zoom Fly 4. For like some bucks, Nike Zoom Fly 4 delivers functional versatility and amazing comfort. Its streamlined design features layers of awesomeness to help you stay cool and secure mile after mile. With a bed of cushion in the midsole, it offers a bumpy, bouncy, and responsive ride that makes this shoe look and feel fast. With premium rubber outsoles, you get to enjoy nice, supportive, and comfortable traction..what else can you get at such a good price?


It is common for runners to carry around a bunch of shoe pairs dedicated to different situations and needs and so we have mentioned 9 best Nike running shoes for everyday use in our daily blog. If you love going miles and miles, you know there is nothing pleasurable than carry pair of best shoes with You. Letting your body guide you over vast amounts of the territory is oh-so-intoxicating. However, being in the wrong shoes quickly cages the joy. Well, everybody knows that nothing understands the situation as Nike!! If you are scratching head finding the good long distance running shoes, this article by and large covers pretty much everything for you. Moreover, you will be glad knowing that offers free trials of shoes, as many as you want…so hesitate no more! Listen to the type of run you’re buying new shoes for and try on different Nike shoes from this guide until you find your ideal fit.

Happy running!

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Runners these days overwhelmingly choose Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2 shoes in the Olympic marathons as they are super fast. These are hands down the best long distance running shoes on earth.
Yes, they do and the brand holds the pride for making runners break world records. Just scroll through the lineage of best Nike long distance running shoes, I bet you will find real athletes wearing it somewhere.
No, they don’t. They have special drinks at every hydration station that contains the required nutrition and calories they need to go on.
The difference between training shoes and racing shoes is weight and cushion. Training shoes have more cushion in them and are softer enough to make those miles easier on your legs. Marathon shoes on the other hand are lighter and more responsive, have more energy return with every stride.